Nick brings hope to Uruguay

Nick Vujicic
God is using Nick Vujicic to introduce people around the world to the transforming power of JESUS CHRIST. I already have two posts on Nick – Nick on Oprah Winfrey’s Show and Nick in Cambodia. If you didn’t see Nick on 60 Minutes take a look on YouTube.¬†

On 22 October Nick arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay, to talk about the freedom God has given him.¬†Vujicic spoke boldly about the transforming power of God’s Word before politicians and journalists at Uruguay’s House of Parliament. Thousands of Uruguayans watched on television. Director of Operation Mobilization, Uruguay, Alejandro Las, was appointed as his official translator.

President Mujica also met with Vujicic and they joined in prayer as Alejandro translated.
“In the last few years it must have been the closest encounter he has had with the gospel in his life,” reflected Alejandro.
The front page of the Uruguayan newspaper the next morning proclaimed, “Vujicic Challenges Abortion Laws at Teleton”. His time at the centre for handicapped children brought a great deal of media attention, which he used to proclaim a biblical perspective on abortion.
In a press conference soon after, an OM journalist asked him about his views on separation of church and state.
Vujicic said, “When people see me, they say,“Wow Nick! We love your values; we love your attitude; we love your strength; we want your joy! But don’t tell us anything about your God. But for me you can’t separate the two. It’s only because of my faith that I have what I have.”

The streets in Montevideo were covered wall to wall with posters of Nick Vujicic. His testimony was aired on the three largest secular television channels in the country: Teledoce, Canal 4 and Canal 10.
At the Rambla, the recreational coastline of Montevideo, nearly 15,000 people stood for two hours in the chilly night air to hear what he had to say.
“If you want to know about the peace that has set me free, that will set you free, lift up your hand,” he shouted. As Alejandro fervently translated the message, a drug addict standing near the OM team raised his hand.
Another hand went up. Followed by another.
The dark sky over Montevideo’s shoreline witnessed hundreds of hands go up as individuals indicated a desire to know the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Man with no arms and legs living eternal now

Nick Vujicic

The amazing 30 year old evangelist Nick Vujicic, born without arms and legs is one of the most inspiring examples I know of a man who truly understands what it means to be living eternal NOW.
“Nick” as he is known, spoke recently in Vietnam, May 22-26, 2013 to many thousands. He spoke at seven official events, including two in large stadiums in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Three of the major events were televised nationally on VTV and he did numerous television interviews. After only 4 days, you would have been hard pressed to find a Vietnamese who had not heard about “Nick”.
Though not allowed to preach in public events, he took the country by storm as a motivational speaker. He became an instant hero and idol.
The unprecedented tour was sponsored by a consortium of a Hoa Sen business group whose Chairman Le Phuoc Vu is a devout Buddhist.
It seems Mr Vu, the lead organizer and sponsor wanted to do something positive for Vietnam’s youth, many of them aimless, purposeless and lacking role models.
Mr Vu’s answer to critics on spending so much on “Nick’s” events said, “In the spiritual perspective, the amount is negligible, Nick’s story is a great source of encouragement for the disadvantaged, the disabled , orphans , the poor, …. It is like water for thirsty people in the desert, very precious.
At a private dinner party for Nick at Mr Vu’s estate which included two Buddhist advisors to Mr Vu, he turned to Nick and said, “I see GOD in you, such hope and joy”
At the Hanoi stadium event a little girl with Nick’s identical condition was brought to him. When they met Nick asked her (National TV and thousands in the stadium), “DO YOU KNOW WHY I LOVE GOD? BECAUSE HEAVEN IS REAL! ONE DAY WHEN WE GET TO HEAVEN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ARMS AND LEGS. AND WE ARE GOING TO RUN, AND WE ARE GOING TO PLAY, AND WE ARE GOING TO RACE”
News reports said, “participants burst into tears” at this powerful expression of Nick’s faith.
Nick is a man who by the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling him knows how to live eternal now
He has learned to swim, surf and skydive, is married to a beautiful woman and has a son, has authored best selling books and is the epitome of purpose, joy and gratefulness.
see complete article by Reg Reiner in The Christian Post 05/06/2013.