More great teaching from Nelson Walters. Nelson is one of the Board Members of our website http://www.powerpointsermons.net where we provide resources for the end times church to prepare them for Jesus Second Coming.

Everyone expects that a time of great distress is coming. But why will God permit a Great Tribulation and will he allow believers to endure it?

A Great Tribulation is coming. Jesus said so, it will be.

In episodes, two and three Nelson presents evidence that Christians will enter and endure that period. But the question must be asked, WHY would a loving God allow this? What could be his purposes? If you missed these two videos – Will Christians Face Great Tribulation? and When Does the Wrath of God Begin? then go to http://www.thegospelintheendtimes.com.

Watch Episode Four in the series Dawn of a New Day to find out: