In true gender-bending fashion, “easy breezy beautiful” CoverGirl is now playing up its first “CoverBoy” model.


Completely with eyebrows thicker than Brooke Shield’s hallmark, freckles across the nose and upper cheeks, bright red lips, lots of mascara and a baseball cap, the YouTube sensation is ready to cash in on his femininity.

James Charles, a 17-year-old high school student, is the first poster boy for the female cosmetics line. For 60 years, the company has catered to teens and women but apparently sees a new market as transgenderism rises in America and beyond.

CoverGirl said in a statement “All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful, James Charles is no exception.”

Can you see where this is going? Miley Cyrus (American singer, songwriter and actress) just announced she’s pansexual and now makeup companies are marketing to boys. This is further evidence we are in “Last Days” as this tsunami of perversion rises rapidly to engulf the next generation. Only a radical church, totally sold out to our Lord’s agenda for these last days will survive. The scriptures tell us “scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” 2 Peter 3: 3-4 Also “And you will be hated by all men for my name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” Mark 13:13


“Generations have evolved to a world where traditional boundaries between male and female clothing have begun to wash away. A ‘genderless generation’, where sex is no longer a definitive classification, and boundaries within style and expression are no more”. This is the blurb for a new range of “genderless” clothing.

A USA study by the Innovation Group has media outlets buzzing about how Generation Z—those born between 1995 and 2012—utterly defies the gender binary. Only 48 percent of the marketing research group’s respondents said they identified as 100 percent heterosexual, compared with 65 percent of millennials. However, let us not forget to put the results of this survey in the context of youth—a time when idealism, curiosity, openness to change, and raging hormones muddle together with inexperience and underdeveloped reasoning skills. Also the LGBTQ++ assembly has always employed pressure tactics and indoctrination to achieve their goals.

A previous study by FTI Consulting found that voting-age members of Generation Z are incredibly far-left when it comes to “equal rights,” with 75 percent favouring gay marriage and 83 percent favouring “equal rights” for transgender people, with this new survey finding that 70 percent of Generation Z believe it’s “important for public spaces to provide access to gender neutral bathrooms.”



Zara Introduces Gender-Neutral Clothing

The Spanish retail powerhouse quietly introduced Ungendered, a new section in its TRF label. The 16 items range from T-shirts and sweatshirts to denim and Bermuda shorts — unisex basics in neutral colourways, constructed from comfortable cottons and cotton blends. On the website, pieces from the inaugural collection are photographed on both a male and female model.

Consider the Innovation Group and FTI Consulting statistics, in conjunction with The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) programme being introduced in Australian schools. Where will it take the next generation in relation to God’s values and commandments? The beginning of wisdom is to fear God. This is becoming increasingly nonsense, as far as this generation is concerned, and is another indicator we are in the “last days” predicted in God’s Word. There are more prophecies about Jesus second coming than there were about His first coming (sixty plus). The Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s did not get it right at His first coming, and I am concerned pastors are not preparing the church  for His second coming. When did you last hear a sermon on “End Times”.

SSCA offers a range of free resources to teachers, students and the general community with information on same sex attracted and transgender issues.  There is a heavy emphasis on using case studies of same sex attracted and transgender young adults and to portray their experiences in a positive manner. (See an overview of the latest resource ‘All of Us’ here.) The materials that the SSCA has produced encourages risky sexual activity and minimises the dangers associated with this.

Who is the Safe Schools Coalition Australia?

The SSCA is a national coalition of organisations and schools that promotes awareness of homosexual and transsexual issues. The SSCA has been designed by La Trobe University’s Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria and is funded by the Federal government for $8 million. The Victorian government has provided another $2 million.

The SSCA program has been framed in terms of student safety. The aim is to convince the government, media and the public that homophobic bullying is common and can only be dealt with by affirming, promoting and normalising homosexual relations and by giving it a high priority on the school agenda.

Almost all of the resources on the SSCA website have been created by Minus18 and students are directed to access the Minus18 website for more information. The Minus18 website contains sexually explicit content that is inappropriate for school aged children.