Pastor Todd Tilghman sings the Mercy Me song “I Can Only Imagine” during the Finale Performances on The Voice. He sings it with the passion you can only express if you truly believe the words you are singing. Todd does and He won THE VOICE 2020. What a testimony!

Jesus will rule the Nations

As we approach Christmas, this beautiful rendition by Pentatonix is a wonderful reminder of who JESUS is and what He has done and is still to do.

Jesus is coming again and when He does it is to rule and reign. Do you know him as your Lord and Saviour? Do you know His Father as your heavenly Father? Do you have the Holy Spirit within you as your comforter, counselor and teacher producing the fruit of the spirit in your life – love, joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, goodness, patience and self control. If you do, you are truly living eternal now.

May you know His love, peace and joy this Christmas.


Lionel Ritchie preaching what the world needs on stage in Las Vegas – JESUS IS LOVE. Back in the eighties he was told to stop singing it and his other gospel songs or it would ruin his career. Well at the BET AWARDS show last Sunday night, what was meant to be a tribute to Lionel Ritchie was turned into a Gospel presentation by the renowned gospel singer Yolanda Adams as she “belted out” Lionel’s 1980’s hit ‘Jesus is Love’. It got a standing ovation. Make sure you watch to the end of the video to see what Lionel does with the crowd.

Letting Go and Letting God

Danny Gokey has a poignant story to tell. His book title “Hope in Front of Me – Find purpose in your darkest moments”¬†gives you an inkling of its substance. Its the first time I have posted a music video. I have a feeling any women viewers will appreciate it. Let me know what you think. Danny Gokey came third on American idol. He almost withdrew from the first audition as his first wife in her early twenties died unexpectedly from complications after heart surgery just weeks before the audition. The quality of this video is not great but even if you don’t like Danny’s song fast forward to the interview so you hear his story. Only God can transform lives like this and you know what, HE is doing it all the time. ¬†There is no doubt that all things work together for good to those who love God and are working according to His purposes. If you want to hear Danny sing more, go to the second link, to the interview on Huntley Street. His second song on this clip is my favourite.