MOVIE ‘IN OUR HANDS’, Tells the Miracle Story of the Six-Day War

Following my last post on Israel – ONE UNDENIABLE SIGN THAT PROVES JESUS SECOND COMING IS IMMINENT, a new movie about to be released in the USA, “In Our Hands”, tells the actual miracle story of the Six-Day War when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem.

Fifty years ago, a miracle happened. Israel defeated their neighbours in what has become known as the Six-Day War and reunified Jerusalem for the first time in approximately 2,000 years.

Gordon Robertson of CBN had the vision to create a docudrama drawing from the actual journals, recordings and interviews with survivors of what happened in those fateful hours. It is showing on Tuesday, May 23, in more than 700 theatres around the USA—for one night only.

It tells the story from the Jewish perspective and reveals a great deal of little-known but very interesting information, such as how the soldiers who took the Temple Mount were actually reservists rather than an elite military team. The film also gives some insight into the personalities of some of those involved.

On our calendar, the anniversary of the beginning of The Six-Day War is June 5, but because the Jewish calendar is different, it is actually May 23 when the Jews celebrate Jerusalem Day worldwide. This significant day, Yom Yerushalayim, is the day the movie is being released. I will let you know when it will be released in Australia.

Listen to the Steve Strang, Report podcast of the interview with Gordon Robertson of CBN, it is exciting content concerning end times events unfolding in our day.

In 1967, Gordon was only 9 when his father, Pat Robertson—who has been a strong supporter for Israel for decades and is a real student of Bible prophecy—sat the family down and told them the significance of what was happening in the Six-Day War.