This episode of CHRIST REVEALED introduces you to Sean McDowell, the son of well-known author and apologist Josh McDowell. Sean is an author and professor at Biola University, and he shares an inspiring overview of “Christian apologetics”. Sean describes how he takes classes of Christian students to meet and interact with atheist and Muslim groups, in order to discuss their Christian view and the power behind it. This is an exciting interview that will challenge your confidence in your Christian worldview. Do you really know the truth sufficient to face the coming tribulation leading up to Jesus Second Coming.

The Christ Revealed team  then takes you to the Garden Tomb, one of 2 places that Christ was thought to be buried. This amazing coverage of the ancient site is beautiful and inspiring.

Meet Tisha Michelle, Christ Revealed (CR) team’s expert guide through Israel. Tisha meets CR TBN studios in Jerusalem, with a majestic view of the old city behind her. A beacon of Christian light in Israel, Tisha’s command of scripture matched to key locations throughout the Holy Land is stunning. She turns “black and white knowledge” into a full technicolour experience—and you’ll never forget her compelling personal story!