Lionel Ritchie preaching what the world needs on stage in Las Vegas – JESUS IS LOVE. Back in the eighties he was told to stop singing it and his other gospel songs or it would ruin his career. Well at the BET AWARDS show last Sunday night, what was meant to be a tribute to Lionel Ritchie was turned into a Gospel presentation by the renowned gospel singer Yolanda Adams as she “belted out” Lionel’s 1980’s hit ‘Jesus is Love’. It got a standing ovation. Make sure you watch to the end of the video to see what Lionel does with the crowd.

Young men witnessing for God on Britain’s Got Talent

God is doing something significant. Christians who want the world to know God is real and their talent emanates from Him are winning major TV talent quests. Dami Im won the 2013 X Factor Australia. On winning the final, she gave all the glory and honour to God for her success. Sister Cristina Succia, the nun from Sicily won Italy’s The Voice 2014. She attributed her popularity to a thirst for joy, for love, for a message that is beautiful and pure. I am sure she is right. Collabro -They won the Britain’s Got Talent final 2014. Note the audiences reaction to the message on righteousness delivered by these  five young men – a standing ovation. Many in the media don’t get it, they just conclude like Jim Kelly of the Daily Mail “Their success does not show that Britain has got talent at all. It only confirms that both the taste and the thinking of the British public remain at best an utter mystery and at worst banal”.


God's Judgement
It is obvious from the Old Testament stories that God judges people and nations. Apart from Noah’s Flood (all but eight people destroyed) one of the most gruesome stories is when God commanded Israel to destroy the Amalekites totally, including their women and children and property.
God commanded their destruction not only because of their heinous morality and child sacrifices but also because they opposed Israel when they came out of Egypt (Deuteronomy 25:17-19 and 1 Samuel 15:2-3). Moreover because Saul listened to the people and spared the best livestock rather than fear God he lost his kingship over Israel.
“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft , And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He has also rejected you from being King. 1 Samuel 15:23
God’s actions against the Amalekites is only immoral to those who don’t recognize His authority. He has the right to judge the people He created when they rebel against Him.
God requires OBEDIENCE to his moral laws and commands. The GOOD NEWS is He understood we were incapable in a Fallen world to keep His commandments. God, The Son entered His world, 2014 years ago to save us. He changed history forever and every time we write the date we should remember that fact and rejoice in His MERCY, GRACE and LOVE.
Atheists have no objective standard for morality and basically what ever the group decides stands until another group over rules it. Sodomy was a gaolable offence up to the mid 1970’s in Australia.
God must judge evil otherwise He ceases to be a good God.
The world operates as if God does not judge people and nations today. They could not be more wrong.
The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus will return to save Israel and to usher in His millennial reign from Jerusalem. Jesus even tells us that just as in Noah’s day people will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage then He will come unexpectedly to judge nations. Matthew 24:36-39
Israel picture compared to Arab lands
Isn’t it amazing how the Middle East is central focus of the world today. Israel is surrounded by hostile nations intent on destroying them. It is not about land – take a look at the map (Israel in blue). It’s about the final horrendous spiritual battle that leads to the battle of Armageddon which will usher in Jesus millennial reign.

We know the end and already have eternal life so start living eternal now. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. What is the Holy Spirit’s agenda for you today? Are you listening?

What is the Holy Spirit to you?


Whilst Dr Walter Wilson was saved December 21st, 1896, he did not personally become acquainted with the Holy Spirit until January 14th, 1914. After he was saved, Walter had a deep love for the scriptures yet it bothered him that his life did not seem to bear spiritual fruit. In 1913 he was challenged by a missionary with the question  “What is the Holy Spirit to you?” Wilson answered “He is one of the persons of the Godhead, a Teacher, a Guide; the third person of the trinity”.

“He is just as great,” the missionary said, “just as precious, just as needed as the other two Persons  of the Trinity. But you still have not answered my question, What is He to you?”

“He is nothing to me”, Wilson said, surprised at his own candour. “I have no contact with Him, no personal relationship, and get along quite well without Him”. His visitor replied, “it is because of this that your life is so fruitless even though your efforts are so great. The missionary’s words taunted Wilson into the next year. He wanted to bear the fruit of the Spirit but feared becoming a fanatic, giving an inferior place to Jesus Christ by overly exalting the Holy Spirit. On January 14th, 1914 everything changed when Wilson heard Dr James Gray, later to become President of Moody Bible Institute preach a sermon on Romans 12:1

Gray asked, “Have you noticed that this verse does not tell us to whom we should give our bodies? It is not the Lord Jesus…..He has his own body. It is not God the Father….He remains upon His throne. Another has come to earth without a body….God gives you the privilege and indescribable honour of presenting your bodies to the Holy Spirit, to be His dwelling place on earth”.

Wilson reported later that he said to the Holy Spirit, “My Lord, I have mistreated You all my Christian life. I have treated you like a servant….I shall do so NO more. Now I give you this body of mine ; from my head to my feet……………., I hand over to YOU for YOU to live in it the life that YOU please.

Walter Wilson , the “beloved physician” often testified, “With regard to my own experience with the Holy Spirit, I may say that the transformation in my life on JAN 14th 1914, was greater , much greater than the change that took place when I was saved DEC 21st 1896.

Dr Wilson died in 1969 after a life of amazing service as a physician (1904 – 1912), General Manager (1912 – 1920) and then President (1926 -1928) of a major corporation. He founded the Kansas City Bible Institute in 1932 which became the Kansas City Bible College when he became President. He hosted a daily Bible exposition broadcast on two radio stations in Kansas City 1933-1944, one rated the most popular radio program in the area. But above all he considered Holy Spirit guided “soul winning” his prime task since handing over his life to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in 1914.

What is your answer to the question, “What is the Holy Spirit to you?”

Embrace change in 2014


You can confidently embrace change with our unchanging God.

Our faithful, changeless Lord will show us the way to go, guide and bless our every step and provide goodness and mercy everyday of our lives.

Joshua is one of my favourite Old Testament heroes. He led Israel in at eighty years of age to take the “Promised Land”. He confidently and courageously defeated more than thirty enemy armies because he understood victory comes through faith in God and complete obedience to His word. He knew victory would not come through military might or numerical superiority.
Like Joshua let’s confess at the start of 2014 “We have never been this way before” but also like Joshua be confident that God will show us the way if we are humble and obedient, seeking to serve Him faithfully.
My scripture for 2014 will be Phillip 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Have you chosen one as yet?


Nativity on The Place 001

“We have found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets, wrote – Jesus of Nazareth” John 1:45
Every aspect of our Lord’s birth, life, character, ministry, arrest, trial, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension were predicted hundreds of years in advance.
We’re told he would be born of a woman (Genesis 3:15); to a virgin (Isaiah 7:14); of the seed of Abraham (Genesis 12:3); of the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:10); through the line of David (Isaiah 9:7); in Bethlehem Micah 5:2); and that HIS name would be Immanuel (God with us) (Isaiah 7:14).
The virgin birth and all the other aspects of our Lord’s life, having been accurately predicted, were wondrously fulfilled, proving His origin and identity. Jesus told His enemies to search the Old Testament Scriptures, for “these are they which testify of Me” (John 5:39).
The same Bible that pinpointed His first coming is brimming with references to His return. Let’s rejoice in His virgin birth today, and await His victorious return.

Extracted from article by Dr David Jeremiah Turning Point.

Nick brings hope to Uruguay

Nick Vujicic
God is using Nick Vujicic to introduce people around the world to the transforming power of JESUS CHRIST. I already have two posts on Nick – Nick on Oprah Winfrey’s Show and Nick in Cambodia. If you didn’t see Nick on 60 Minutes take a look on YouTube. 

On 22 October Nick arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay, to talk about the freedom God has given him. Vujicic spoke boldly about the transforming power of God’s Word before politicians and journalists at Uruguay’s House of Parliament. Thousands of Uruguayans watched on television. Director of Operation Mobilization, Uruguay, Alejandro Las, was appointed as his official translator.

President Mujica also met with Vujicic and they joined in prayer as Alejandro translated.
“In the last few years it must have been the closest encounter he has had with the gospel in his life,” reflected Alejandro.
The front page of the Uruguayan newspaper the next morning proclaimed, “Vujicic Challenges Abortion Laws at Teleton”. His time at the centre for handicapped children brought a great deal of media attention, which he used to proclaim a biblical perspective on abortion.
In a press conference soon after, an OM journalist asked him about his views on separation of church and state.
Vujicic said, “When people see me, they say,“Wow Nick! We love your values; we love your attitude; we love your strength; we want your joy! But don’t tell us anything about your God. But for me you can’t separate the two. It’s only because of my faith that I have what I have.”

The streets in Montevideo were covered wall to wall with posters of Nick Vujicic. His testimony was aired on the three largest secular television channels in the country: Teledoce, Canal 4 and Canal 10.
At the Rambla, the recreational coastline of Montevideo, nearly 15,000 people stood for two hours in the chilly night air to hear what he had to say.
“If you want to know about the peace that has set me free, that will set you free, lift up your hand,” he shouted. As Alejandro fervently translated the message, a drug addict standing near the OM team raised his hand.
Another hand went up. Followed by another.
The dark sky over Montevideo’s shoreline witnessed hundreds of hands go up as individuals indicated a desire to know the transforming power of Jesus Christ.