God opened the door for us in this region as a result of a previous trip by pastors, Charles, Maurice and Jacob. Two House churches were established: one in BUEMBU and the other in KARUNGU.

Maps showing Kisii in relation to Migori where Charles is based

A special invitation has been on our desk now for 2 months, wanting us to take our discipleship ministry back there.
After repeated prayers seeking direction and leading from God, we feel led by the Holy spirit to visit this region on July 14th-18th, so that we may fulfil our Macedonian call “come over here and help us”

The need and request was received from five Christian brothers who live in the region, one of which is an ex Muslim.
In our last meeting, we resolved to raise Kshs 67,000/ approx. Au$ 658. Until now, the leaders and KHC believers have raised a total of Kshs 37,000 which is not enough. Hence, the KHC movement and the board of  elders is requesting our friends, LEN and  partners in the work of ministry to help fund our trip with the remaining amount of money of Kshs 30,000/ approx. Au$ 380. Your support for KHC movement will be highly appreciated and will be for God’s glory!
Leader & Founder KHC movement.

I have been blessed to be able to assist the KHC Movement for sometime now and will continue to do so. I am a pensioner now so am limited in what I can do. I would appreciate any LEN follower out there who feels led to join me in supporting the KHC Movement. You can do so by making a donation on the Donation link on the Home Page.


I recently received the following report from Pastor Charles Otieno. I consider him to be the leader of the Kenya House Church Movement that is growing rapidly. The group has come under intense spiritual warfare and I believe I am called by God to help them and I hope God inspires some of my LEN supporters to help as well. Over the last two years, three of the leaders have experienced family tragedy. Charles had his teenage daughter abducted from school, fortunately to be found weeks later in neighbouring Tanzania just before she was sold off and taken to who knows where. She was months in recovery. Ps. Alfred lost his daughter to Covid and now Ps. Maurice has lost his home.

“The Kenya house church movement is comprised of 8 house church groups. We are committed to carrying out the great commission, with no church buildings, and no paid pastors.

We believe that the last day’s church will be like the first church as described in the Book of Acts and we believe in the end-time prophetic signs of Jesus second coming to reign and rule here on earth for 1000 years.

Each of the 8 house church groups is headed by a pastor and an elder and the Kenya house church leadership is much involved in the day to day spiritual and physical challenges our believers are undergoing.

Recently, we witnessed the burnt premises of one of our fellow brothers. Pastor Maurice has been a strong pillar, and of a great help to me (Charles) and to the entire Kenya house church movement (KHC).

He called me over the phone on 2nd December 2020. The gas cylinder his daughter was using in cooking had exploded and the whole premises caught on fire. It was by God’s providence, that none were killed or injured, particularly his daughter. But everything in the premises was burnt to ashes.

The local administration took the family to a nearby school, where they continue to spend their days in a hall, but had no clothes, food, furniture cooking utensils, and other basic necessities. I bought them some foodstuffs, and a few clothes to help support the family. Good Samaritans also helped support the family with a few items.

On behalf of the family of pastor Maurice and the Kenya house church movement, I do kindly request the community of believers and the followers of Living Eternal Now, to join with us to provide a helping hand in giving support to the family of pastor Maurice so that our brother and his family, may be able to get a house and other basic needs in life and get a fresh start.

I have attached for you a PDF of the old burnt premises of pastor Maurice. Before and after the fire destroyed the place.
Your help and support will be highly appreciated. May God continue to fulfill his awesome plan and purpose in you and through you.”

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Fortunately, since the fire Charles and friends of Maurice have been able to put up a tin shed as temporary shelter but it is primitive as you can see.

Please go to my Home Page and the icon Donations to help Ps. Maurice and his family. A small amount of money goes along way in Kenya so please help with whatever amount you can spare. Blessings, Ron


I recently posted an encouraging email I received from Pastor Charles Otieno of the Kenya House Church Movement (KHC). In it, I issued an invitation to those that read my posts to become supporters with me of the KHC to fund specific projects that will help the leaders expand the ministry particularly to the poorer regions of Kenya. Sadly, I have not had one person respond. I realise that God is our ultimate provider but after seven years and 1,481 LEN posts, it is disappointing I have not established sufficient credibility to the extent one person would want to join me to support our brothers and sisters in Kenya.

As many of you already know, God connected me with Charles Otieno, through LEN, several years ago. We both agree that the church in the last days before Jesus’ return will be like the early church as described in the Book of Acts. It is all about making disciples with no paid pastors or buildings.

The following pictures were taken of the mission trip Charles, Alfred and several other pastors took to a region of Kenya on the border of Uganda. I spoke about it in my last post on the KHC movement.


The death toll for Christians in Nigeria continues to rise to catastrophic proportions as the nation seems helpless or unwilling to stop bloodthirsty Islamic radicals targeting Christians in the region. Despite the Islamic terrorists group’s violence, thousands are coming to Christ according to Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs.

“Thousands of Fulani are following Jesus Christ. So this traditionally Muslim tribal group, ethnic group, thousands of them have left Islam behind and are now following Jesus Christ. So the church sees that and that tends to bridge some of these gaps, Nettleton said.

I have previously reported how the vicious Fulani Herdsmen reportedly marauded through Christian villages wearing camouflage and brandishing AK-47s, and burned down as many as 160 homes, leaving a trail of at least 39 murdered Christians in their wake.

Nigerian President Muhammed Buhari condemned the massacre of Christians on Twitter, calling them “vile, evil and satanic” and agreeing that the attacks seemed “clearly calculated” against Christians.

But despite President Buhari’s words, it appears the government has done little to stem the violence against Christians. Local religious leaders have even called for the president to resign, accusing him of leniency on the terrorists.

Another jihadist group Boko Haram—the vicious Nigerian jihadist army pledged to ISIS—orchestrated a deadly attack by disguising themselves as “preachers” and inviting Christian villagers to a service where they then massacred 45 congregants.

Earlier this year, Boko Haram violently abducted 110 schoolgirls from their village. Of those, five girls were killed while captive before 104 were ultimately released. Fifteen-year-old Leah Sharibu is still their prisoner because she refuses to bend to her captors’ demands that she renounce her Christian faith and convert to Islam.

The violence against Africa’s Christians is spreading beyond the borders of Nigeria, and if no action is taken, will likely continue to sweep across the continent. In the natural this looks catastrophic which it is, but rest assured God is using it for His purposes.

In a recent deadly bus attack in Kenya the Al-Shabaab terrorists forced passengers to recite an Islamic oath and those who identified as Christian were mercilessly executed. Do these terrorists think this does the cause of Allah any good? Is this the God you would want to serve?

American Centre for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has gone directly to the United Nations, delivering a critical written submission asking for intervention for Nigeria’s Christians and warning of the grim outlook if action isn’t taken.

The least we can do is get our churches praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ in both the Middle East and Africa. Pray that they may understand what God is doing in each of these countries and cooperate with Him, to accomplish His purposes.