Message for UK and Australian Governments: check out your science before spending millions of taxpayers’ money on building mRNA manufacturing plants.

This interview of Professor Robert Clancy, an Emeritus Professor of Immunology in Australia with an Order of Australia for his contribution to the study of immunology by Dr. John Campbell will increase your understanding of this new untested but promising gene technology (mRNA) which has great potential in the treatment of certain cancers because its application can be very patient specific however its use as a vehicle for vaccines gives great concern for experts like Professor John Clancy.

Professor Robert Llewellyn Clancy AM is a leading Australian clinical immunologist and a pioneer in the field of mucosal immunology (260 Publications). He is known for his research and development of therapies for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), commonly known as emphysema.

Professor Clancy developed the vaccine Broncostat at the University of Newcastle in 1985. The Broncostat vaccine reduces attacks of acute bronchitis to a degree of 90%. He is certainly not against vaccines.