This video covers probably two of the most important problems that surface with regard to “end times” eschatology. 1. Daniel 9:26 “and the “people of the prince to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary”. 2. From which people group will the Antichrist emerge.

Joel then gives a good option for Mystery Babylon but he is certainly not dogmatic in his finding. He leaves it up to us, to search the scriptures and come to a conclusion.

Want to know more about these cities Mecca, Sheba and Dedan, Edom, Kenan, Bozra, Petra, and where they fit in “end times” the you need to watch this important video. Another great contribution from Joel Richardson.

Take a look at to download the Power Point sermon “Islamic Antichrist“.


Joel Richardson does a great job of examining Scripture to come up with an answer to one of the big Biblical mysteries – the identity of Mystery Babylon. I agree with Rabbi Walker, that what is so good about all of Joel’s books, is that he is not  dogmatic about his position, his conclusions. He simply lays out his case, based on Scripture and the historical facts, and leaves it up to the reader to come to their own conclusion. Let me know what you think of the video and whether you are persuaded to buy Joel’s book. I am reading it and producing a Power Point Sermon on it for