Mainstream Media Ignores Yet Another Massive Pro-Life March

Thousands of pro-life advocates took to the streets of Virginia Wednesday in what was the region’s first official statewide “March for Life” event. However, despite immense crowds of elected officials and leading pro-life campaigners, the march was largely ignored by the mainstream media, bar a few minor reports.

One of the participants was encouraged: “One of the coolest thing I’ve seen in eight years in Richmond. The entire House Republican Caucus walked out the front door of the Capitol and on to the Portico to join the March for Life.”

Many of the marchers also voiced their dismay at the Democrat’s pro-abortion agenda, with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s chilling words still fresh in people’s minds. In January, during a live radio interview, Gov. Northam appeared to suggest that medical professionals could, in some circumstances, allow infant babies to die after being born alive.

This assertion sparked outrage from the pro-life community and was still disturbing many at this week’s march. Perhaps the enemy has over stepped the mark this time, and we are beginning to see signs of a God driven revival. I hope so.