Torben clearly identifies what is wrong with church today. The family is God’s example of church. Church, like family, needs to raise up disciples, to train and mature them to go out and start another family. So many churches are like an orphanage with leaders, the parent model is lost and they don’t raise up disciples who will go out and create new families.

The existing religious institutional model is not God’s model and now it is time, time to set up new fellowships as shown in the Book of Acts. We need to see a reformation of the church that is already there, that they like Francis Chan will see that you can’t raise up disciples in mega churches. This is the first lesson out of a series, where Torben will speak about church and will help to give a clear picture of how a New Testament church can look like. In this lesson “Family or orphanage” you will see the difference between a family (New Testament church) and an orphanage (the religious institution) and that not one model works for every family. This teaching will bless you, challenge you, and create a desire in you to see the church as Jesus wants it to be.