How to be a person who changes the course of history

You will need an hour to watch Derek Prince on getting your prayers answered but it will be well worth it. It could have eternal significance not just for you but many.

When you understand that prayer is not about you getting what you want but a way for you to become an instrument for God’s purposes here on earth you are on your way to becoming a person who can change the course of history.

The story Derek Prince recounts of him praying to God to intervene in Britain’s devastating defeat and seven hundred mile retreat to El Alamein is a good example. He was led to pray that God would bring a Godly leader to save the situation. Bernard Montgomery was given the job and the tide was turned in the second battle of El Alamein. The night before the battle, Montgomery got his commanders together and said, “Let us ask the Lord who is mighty in battle to give us victory”. When Derek heard Montgomery pray, it was like a bolt of electricity hit him and God confirmed that this was an answer to Derek’s prayer. God did give them victory and this battle revived the morale of the Allies, being the first major offensive against the Axis since the start of the European war in 1939 in which the Western allies had achieved a decisive victory.

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