Artificial intelligence is fast becoming a “normal” part of our lives, and in ways, we often don’t even notice until after it’s happened.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social platforms are all using artificial intelligence (AI) to discover more about you and your family, and even to gain control of certain aspects of your life. Did you also know that many of the products you purchase use AI to learn more about you? They can track where you are, what you’re doing, even who you’re with.

Will Artificial Intelligence Eclipse Our One True God?

Best-selling author Wallace Henley’s new book, Who Will Rule the Coming ‘Gods’?, offers groundbreaking spiritual insight into these emerging AI technologies. This is a “must-read” book, not only for church and business leaders, but for all of us who are fast becoming dependent on AI, robots, and other forms of advanced technology.

The existential crisis of our age is how technology, specifically AI and robots, is eclipsing our reverence for the transcendence of God. In the rush to create human-helping AI, technologists are making machines that may eventually become our masters. Henley’s new book exposed how some people are already worshiping at the feet of the great god of AI, just as the ancient Philistines once bowed before statues of the idol Dagon.

In this compelling and groundbreaking book, Henley shares about the impending moral and ethical choices we will all soon need to make, as believers in Christ, to hold AI and its creators accountable to the true God. This is all part of the prophesied end-times scenario that leads up to God pouring out His wrath on an unrepentant world.

It is interesting that C.S.Lewis predicted in his book “Abolition of Man” that a group of elites who think of themselves as progressives and (somehow) know what the future of humanity should be and they are determined to make everyone fall into line by following the direction that they dictate.

The World Economic Forum where the global elites meet has already predicted what life for humans will look like after their proposed “Great Reset,” foreseeing the “age of human robots” will come to an end as people will be replaced by technology. Also, the WEF predicted in a 2016 video that a “happy” future would only be possible where individuals no longer owned property.

The following shows some of the reviews of Henley’s book by both religious and scientific leaders.
“This book lays out a comprehensive description of the future world that our godless technological and enormously rich elites envision. But what should be the response of the God-fearing people? That is the important message of this book.”
-Otis Graf, PhD, Aerospace Engineering, NASA Apollo 8 Moon Project, and the Space Shuttle

“A compelling look at a dystopic future controlled by Artificial Intelligence that has transcended above mankind as an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present “god”. Wallace Henley examines how technology has changed our culture’s view of God by providing us fingertip access to all the known information in history through our phones and computers. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to see how the journey outlined in this book will result in future AI advancements and technological evolution that will rival and eclipse mankind’s relationship with the One True Living God.”
-Keith Carmichael, Associate Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, Former Captain in USAF and NASA Space Station Design Team

“This book invites readers into a critical conversation surrounding the realities of artificial intelligence, humanity, and godhood. Excellent read!”
-Rachel Leong, Former White House Aide, Legislative Aide, The United States Senate

Henley’s book is a clarion call for believers in Christ to wake up and urge our world to stop letting technology replace our one true God.


  1. ‘Henley’s book is a clarion call for believers in Christ to wake up and urge our world to stop letting technology replace our one true God.’


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