More and more Christians are realising the need to warn the church of the coming increased persecution of Jews and Christians as we approach the prophesied “end times” tribulation and then great tribulation prior to Jesus return.

My brother in Christ, Futon Sheen in his recent Newsletter, Coronavirus Reality v Perception & World Markets said the following:

“These are all shakings which scripture has clearly articulated would happen as the time of Christ’s return draws near. As Christians grounded in scripture, we should understand and expect this and not be anxious or fearful.  That is not the case for unbelievers and governments which follow their own hearts and put their faith in themselves and the external world which surrounds them, they have much to fear. Hosea 4:6 says, My people are destroyed for lack of understanding, and people fear what they don’t understand. Over 350 times scripture says “do not fear,” as fear is the opposite of faith, but it is the automatic default of the flesh when something suddenly interrupts our expectations of what we think should be happening. This is why social media, news media, governments, markets and individuals tend to overreact to whatever is going on around them.

The times described in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13, which Jesus said would come, are upon us and God is shaking everything that can be shaken. We need to do what these passages tell us, which is to be watchful and prepared, so that we won’t be caught off guard, fearful, confused, or manipulated by the circumstances and situations swirling around us. We need to pray for eyes that see, ears that hear and a mind that comprehends what’s going on in the spiritual realm, so we can wisely, peacefully and methodically walk out what Jesus tells us to do.


This report by Os Hillman on what God is doing in the seven cultural mountains in the U.S.A. He is president of Marketplace Leaders and author of 18 books focused on culture impact through a person’s work-life calling.

During the last five years, we have been hearing more and more stories of Christian leaders making a difference in the seven cultural mountains. There are many believers on the Fox Network representing Christ on the media mountain. There are many Christian voices in the mainstream media gaining greater influence. We are seeing more and more Christian-themed movies on the arts and entertainment mountain. There are many believers operating on the government mountain in Washington, DC. Our current president is very influenced by Christians who are in or close to his administration. There are new initiatives taking place on the education mountain.

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One initiative being launched on the education mountain is a curriculum based on the seven cultural mountains for Christian high schools. Another initiative involved the creation of a textbook on how the Bible has influenced culture that is being used in many schools in America and other nations. Pastors are beginning to understand the importance of equipping marketplace leaders to see their work as a calling. There is an entire organisation that was birthed focused on this for pastors called Made to Flourish.

The reason this move of God is so important is that men and women who operate in places of influence have the greatest ability to impact culture through their influence in these six areas. They often have access to financial resources and places of power needed to make significant impact. We have learned that it only takes 3-5 percent of a leadership operating at the top of a culture mountain to shift that mountain.

The gay rights movement is our best case study of this fact. This group represents less than 2 percent of our population. Yet, through a strategy to influence culture through the seven cultural mountains they have shifted America’s mindset about this issue from being a moral issue to being a civil issue. Just imagine what Christians could do, given we represent more than 40% of the population in our nation, if we adopted an intentional strategy to impact culture.

There will be a major Culture Shapers Summit in Washington, DC in 2019 that is featuring over 40 top leaders who operate within the seven cultural mountains. This will be the most significant gathering of leaders focused on the seven cultural mountains in the last few years.

Is the army gathering to prepare for the next great move of God? I certainly hope so, but I am also currently working on a Power Point Sermon on The Mystery of Calamities which demonstrates that one of God’s major strategies to get people to the end of their own strength and resources is by catastrophes/disasters. Moreover, God’s Word shows that in the “end times” natural and man made disasters will escalate and are part of God’s plan to bring in the “end times” harvest.



The very fact that God established Israel as His nation and has used other nations to discipline Israel should demonstrate that God deals with nations.

We currently have a world in chaos with most nations in unparalleled debt. What is happening in France right now with ordinary civilians rioting on the streets of Paris?

Protesters clash with riot police near the Champs Elysees in Paris on Saturday. Pic: AFP

The riots in Paris over the weekend and going back to November 17 have their roots in the fact that France has run out of money.

President Emmanuel Macron imposed a new fuel tax because France’s budget deficit is running perilously close to the maximum allowed in the EU of 3 per cent of GDP and national debt is 100 per cent of GDP versus the 60 per cent allowed.

With cars burning on the Champs Elysee a week ago, Macron abandoned the fuel tax but that didn’t stop the so-called gilets jaune (yellow vests) movement taking to the streets again this weekend with even bigger, more ferocious protests, this time met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

In these “last days” Bible prophecy tells us that God uses catastrophes to bring people to the end of themselves when some will turn to Him. Large scale refugee catastrophes are being used by God to give them an opportunity to repent and come to Him. There are Christians who understand and and in step with what God is doing at this time. This video and the book The Mystery of Catastrophes – God’s Redemptive Purposes for the Global Disasters of the Last Days, shows us how God deals with nations using catastrophes

We need to see the big picture of what God is doing now. Get to see why and how God is using Joel Richardson and Nathan Graves to bring the big picture to Christians in these “last days” This is a great video by Joel and hopefully it will inspire you to buy the book: The Mystery of Catastrophe! and respond to it.

The centrality of Muslims to God’s end times purposes is clearly revealed in these resources. Global radical Islams central role will perhaps offend some, but it is true, and needs to be addressed so the church is awakened to God’s last days plans.

How should we be living in these last days. this book will help you to get on board with God’s end times program.