The very fact that God established Israel as His nation and has used other nations to discipline Israel should demonstrate that God deals with nations.

We currently have a world in chaos with most nations in unparalleled debt. What is happening in France right now with ordinary civilians rioting on the streets of Paris?

Protesters clash with riot police near the Champs Elysees in Paris on Saturday. Pic: AFP

The riots in Paris over the weekend and going back to November 17 have their roots in the fact that France has run out of money.

President Emmanuel Macron imposed a new fuel tax because France’s budget deficit is running perilously close to the maximum allowed in the EU of 3 per cent of GDP and national debt is 100 per cent of GDP versus the 60 per cent allowed.

With cars burning on the Champs Elysee a week ago, Macron abandoned the fuel tax but that didn’t stop the so-called gilets jaune (yellow vests) movement taking to the streets again this weekend with even bigger, more ferocious protests, this time met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

In these “last days” Bible prophecy tells us that God uses catastrophes to bring people to the end of themselves when some will turn to Him. Large scale refugee catastrophes are being used by God to give them an opportunity to repent and come to Him. There are Christians who understand and and in step with what God is doing at this time. This video and the book The Mystery of Catastrophes – God’s Redemptive Purposes for the Global Disasters of the Last Days, shows us how God deals with nations using catastrophes

We need to see the big picture of what God is doing now. Get to see why and how God is using Joel Richardson and Nathan Graves to bring the big picture to Christians in these “last days” This is a great video by Joel and hopefully it will inspire you to buy the book: The Mystery of Catastrophe! and respond to it.

The centrality of Muslims to God’s end times purposes is clearly revealed in these resources. Global radical Islams central role will perhaps offend some, but it is true, and needs to be addressed so the church is awakened to God’s last days plans.

How should we be living in these last days. this book will help you to get on board with God’s end times program.

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