Denzel Washington received a prophesy in his mother’s beauty salon in 1987. In the video below, he relates, it changed his life and has proved to be true. The prophesy said, he would travel the world and be a witness for God and the GOSPEL.

He is still witnessing powerfully for God today. “PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING YOU DO” is how he starts his speech to graduate students at Dillard University. Take a look, it is a wonderful witness to students about to start work in this increasingly chaotic world.

This is the second post I have put on livingeternal.net showing Denzel Washington witnessing to God’s goodness and faithfulness. The love of God is the reason why Denzel is such a faithful witness but let me tell you he is building up treasure in heaven, which is eternal.



This 96-minute documentary interviews 15 Ph.D. scientists about the greatest weaknesses of modern evolutionary theory. The public generally only hears one side of the origins debate, but with stunning animations and dramatic footage, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels presents a powerful ‘warts and all’ critique of textbook evolutionary orthodoxy. You’ll also discover just how much this debate impacts your view of yourself and the world around you.

“Never before have this many scientists been brought together for a project of this type. … Visually stunning 3D animations and dramatic footage help to show how the theory’s supposed strengths are, in fact, its fatal flaws—Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels.
CFDb (Christian Film Database)

“If we could award Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels more than five Doves, our best rating, we would! … the fifteen experts in this film blow open the door for God’s foot, the Grand Designer, to walk in boldly.”
The Dove Foundation


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Prof Stuart Burgess & intricate design of the Envisat ESA satellite drive shaft – nothing compared to the design in nature.

A world expert on biomimetrics (imitating design in nature),  Prof. Stuart Burgess, BSc, PhD(Brun), CEng, FIMechE, is Professor of Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol (UK).

Dr Burgess is the author of over 40 papers published in secular science journals, and another 50 conference proceedings. He has also registered 7 patents.

Is it more difficult for engineers—who spend so much time considering designed objects – to embrace Darwinian evolution than it is for biologists?

Stuart explains: “Yes, for two reasons. Firstly, since the design by human beings is not limited by the step-by-step change that evolution is limited by, human engineers should produce designs which are far more sophisticated than those found in nature. Yet the opposite is true. Nature has by far the most sophisticated designs. A second reason is that engineers know that you cannot design by making random mistakes. If you randomly change a single parameter in a car engine it will always result in a retrograde step. Design improvements always require careful planning and careful changing of many parameters at the same time.”

Stuart has ample experience of this, including working on the design of a solar array for the hugely expensive Envisat ESA satellite, as he explains:

“The Envisat satellite cost £1.6 billion4 and has hundreds of thousands of components and several million separate pieces of design information, like dimensions and material properties. It would only have taken one or two errors in the design information and the whole mission would have failed. This kind of project illustrates how difficult design is and how design does not happen by chance.”

This brings us to the nub of the issue—whether or not we are the purposeful Creation of Almighty God?

Stuart explains how his Christian faith connects with the work he has been involved in all these years.

“Engineering is a great profession for a Christian because it involves creativity. Man’s ability to create is one aspect of our being made in the image of God. The difficulty of designing and building things that are relatively simple makes you realize how great is the wisdom and power of God who has made all things.”

What would he say to those who argue that one’s Christian faith and convictions about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ are largely separate from the issue of origins, and separate from the meaning of the text in the early chapters of Genesis?

“The doctrine of Special Creation is important because it helps remind people there is a personal Creator who was involved in the detailed design of man. Believing in Special Creation also helps people to appreciate God’s skill in creating such a vast array of intricate plants and creatures. I think it is very important to believe in a historical Adam and historical Eve. If you start to compromise by, for example, accepting evolution and ape-men, then the theological problems are very serious. If Adam and Eve were descended from an ape-like creature, then you have to argue that their immediate ancestors, though looking completely like humans, were not actually made in the image of God. This goes completely against what Genesis teaches and it also goes against the fact that God has the supernatural power to create in an instant. When Jesus turned water into wine and gave sight to the blind, He used His supernatural power to do this in an instant. I think the key to accepting Genesis as a literal account is to remember that God is infinite in wisdom and power. When you really grasp this, then you realize that creating the world in six days was never a problem for God.”

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Universities breeding atheists

Since its initial release Ray Comfort’s video “Evolution vs God” has garnered thousands of hateful, demeaning and even violent comments from evolutionists. After watching this video you will understand why people who attend universities come out believing that science has proved God does not exist certainly not the God of the Bible.

Ray Comfort was criticized relentlessly for his use of “kind” and not “species”. However the observations of the living world are highly consistent with the Biblical described concept of original created kinds, and inconsistent with the idea of evolution. From Genesis 1, the ability to produce offspring, i.e. to breed with one another, defines the original created kinds. We can cross-breed a zebra and a horse (to produce a ‘zorse’), a lion and a tiger (a liger or tigon), or a false killer whale and a dolphin (a wholphin) so these are the same kind.


Tell it like it is.

Biblical timelinesJesus_genealogies_newer_small


The Bible is God’s WORD and  it clearly reveals the correct Timeline for this universe which differs so radically from the Secular Timeline of billions of years.

We know Jesus implicitly believed the Old Testament as true history as revealed in the chronogenealogies and He specifically says in Mark 10:6 that Adam and Eve were there at the beginning of Creation (Day 6). “But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female”.

Recent reports on the human genome provide powerful support for the biblical history of Creation and Fall. We are unable to reproduce ourselves without making multiple copying errors every generation. As a result our genomes are decaying towards extinction from copy errors alone. There are many other causes for mutations.

In his landmark book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome, Geneticist Dr John Sanford clearly demonstrates that human genomes are decaying at an unstoppable rate. More recently Dr Sanford and colleagues have confirmed his predictions with a powerful computer simulation programme Mendel’s Accountant. The Model predicts our species will become extinct in about 300 generations (6,000 years, with a generation time of 20 years).

The only kind of genome copying system that can sustain life over thousands of years is one that has two primary characteristics. First it must be precisely engineered so that it began without making  copying mistakes. Second it must be protected and maintained in such away that it is at least partly insulated from the general genome decay that is rapidly going on around it. These characteristics fit very well into the Biblical account of Creation and Fall just a few thousand years ago, but are impossible from a Darwinian starting point. It is amazing that the Mendel Accountant Model simply projected backwards comes up with perfect copy fidelity at around 4,000 years BC.

The Darwinian claim  –  that life could have started with low fidelity self-replicating molecules – is exposed as culpable foolishness. The ‘RNA world’ scenario collapses into ‘error catastrophe’ so quickly it is scandalous that such nonsense is taught as a realistic model of origin in our schools and universities.

This information was extracted from an article by Alex Williams, Human Genome Decay and the Origin of Life. Journal of Creation 28 (1) 2014.

GOD says, “we are without excuse”

photo (16)Dr Werner Gitt
Information scientist Dr Werner Gitt makes a compelling case in his book “WITHOUT EXCUSE” that the design and information in the universe proves the existence of an all powerful creator.

Dr Gitt obtained his degree in engineering from the Technical University in Hanover, Germany. After receiving his PhD, he was appointed head of the Department of Information Technology at the German Federal Institute for Physics and Technology (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig). Seven years later he was promoted to Director and Professor at PTB.

Three prerequisites must be fulfilled in order for the German Ministerium to award the title Director and Professor at a German Research Institute on the recommendation of the Presidium. The person must be:
1. a scientist with a PhD qualification from an approved University.
2. one who has published a significant number of original research papers in the technical literature.
3. must head a department in his area of expertise, in which several working scientists are employed.
Dr Werner Gitt has an impressive repertoire of awards and published works so the conclusions reached in his book cannot be lightly dismissed.
WITHOUT EXCUSE relies upon undisputed laws of science and logic, drawing from a wide range of mainline peer-reviewed scientific publications to formulate the premises of the book as well as in representing the main claims of today’s prevalent scientific materialism.

Premised on the truth of Romans 1:20, Dr Gitt and his two co authors Bob Compton and Jorge Fernandez decisively confront the issue of defining information and its properties then proceed to formulate a scientifically valid series of deductions demonstrating how the existence of information leads one first to the existence of ‘a god’ and then specifically to the GOD of the BIBLE.
WITHOUT EXCUSE is an excellent tool for Christians, providing insight into the clash of WORLD VIEWS and tools for defending the claims of scripture.
It is also a must read for any individual who genuinely wants to investigate the claims of Christianity

To get a copy of the book WITHOUT EXCUSE go to http://www.creation.com

“Proof the UK was recently totally under water.” by Dr John D Matthews.

Dr John Matthews has a PhD in Earth Science, B.Sc in Mathematics, chartered geological status (C.Geol. and F.G.S) from working in the upstream oil industry on geoscientific issues.
Geology as currently taught in schools, colleges and universities knows nothing of Noah’s Flood when according to the Bible , the whole world was submerged under water recently (thousands not millions of years ago). The Biblical Flood is sidelined by the establishments bondage to uniformitarianism.
Neither is there any reference in this ‘bondage’ geology to the large number of non biblical flood legends from many parts of the world. These should have prompted a serious study before geology became entrapped by uniformitarianism which is hardly liberated by admission of the occasional catastrophe.
The UK, because of its relatively small size compared to the world land mass and the early development of geology here has been explored to to a higher level of detail than most other countries. This paper presents evidence from within the uniformitarian paradigm that the UK experienced a complete flood recently. In the process we show that there are other pointers, quite independent of flood legends, to the whole world having experienced a global flood. Other researchers are then encouraged to complete this story geologically.”
Paper appeared in Journal of Creation Vol.27 (1) 2013.