“Proof the UK was recently totally under water.” by Dr John D Matthews.

Dr John Matthews has a PhD in Earth Science, B.Sc in Mathematics, chartered geological status (C.Geol. and F.G.S) from working in the upstream oil industry on geoscientific issues.
Geology as currently taught in schools, colleges and universities knows nothing of Noah’s Flood when according to the Bible , the whole world was submerged under water recently (thousands not millions of years ago). The Biblical Flood is sidelined by the establishments bondage to uniformitarianism.
Neither is there any reference in this ‘bondage’ geology to the large number of non biblical flood legends from many parts of the world. These should have prompted a serious study before geology became entrapped by uniformitarianism which is hardly liberated by admission of the occasional catastrophe.
The UK, because of its relatively small size compared to the world land mass and the early development of geology here has been explored to to a higher level of detail than most other countries. This paper presents evidence from within the uniformitarian paradigm that the UK experienced a complete flood recently. In the process we show that there are other pointers, quite independent of flood legends, to the whole world having experienced a global flood. Other researchers are then encouraged to complete this story geologically.”
Paper appeared in Journal of Creation Vol.27 (1) 2013.

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