Final report for 2021 from Charles Otieno Owino leader of KHC. It was prepared following an end-of-year meeting of the KHC leaders.

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KHC leaders at the recent (end of year) 2021 meeting in Migori


2021 was the most successful year for us here, since KHC was founded upon the revelation of God’s word, and prayers in 2010.
In every place we visited with the gospel, a positive outcome was realized and despite a few challenges from religious leaders, we were able to sail through and we give God the glory!
We are pleased to report we have been able to plant fourteen house church groups, with thirteen in Kenya and one in Nyamuzi, Tanzania.
Mubachi in Migori region, – Buembu in Migori region, – Kokendi in Migori region, – Bondo in Migori region, – Ong’er in Nyatike region, – Ndhiwa in Homa-Bay region, – Karungu in Nyatike region, – Opapo in Rongo  region, – Nyarombo in Migori region, -Lidha in Karungu region, -Ogembo in Kisii region, Ogembo in Kericho region, – Kogaja in Busia region, -Nyamuzu, in Tanzania.

In Kehancha, Kuria region, God has given us a breakthrough, and a wide door is opened for the KHC team to visit the region on January 13th-17th, 2022. Hopefully, a new church group will be founded there.

We expect exciting additions in 2022, and it is our hope and prayers that in 2022 the KHC team will be able to take the gospel to places, we were not able to visit in 2021.


In 2021, many lives have been reached for Jesus Christ and an additional five church groups were founded. Also, we have witnessed a greater increase of members than in previous years.  

The total number of our church group members in the 8 church groups has increased from 300 in 2020, to 398 in 2021.


Discipleship and evangelism are at the heart of the KHC movement. And at our last meeting, we have resolved that  KHC will go on discipleship & evangelism mission trips twice a  month.
In 2021, our evangelism team led by pastor Jacob was able to visit many places, ministering in market places, villages, hospitals, prisons, and schools to marginalized families and destitute children, sharing with them the love of God and leading many to Jesus Christ.
In the past 12 months, KHC team members have been able to visit 14 secondary schools, 25 homes, 5 prisons, 5 hospitals, 15 marketplaces, and ministered to 150 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).


In 2021, KHC was able to give training to 4 potential house church leaders and after undergoing our training for six months they are now being sent out as ambassadors for Jesus Christ with the sole aim of making disciples and starting a house church group. This year, two of our disciples & trainees will be sent to Mwanza in Tanzania as ambassadors for Christ.


Here at KHC, we have a weekly Bible study, whereby church group members meet once a week to pray and search the scriptures.


KHC has an ongoing empowering programme to help support widows, orphans, and needy members in the KHC movement.
Every church group is encouraged to start an income-generating project, such as Maize farming, growing vegetables, dairy farming, shopkeeping, poultry keeping, second-hand cloth business, etc, this is to help support our church group members to become financially stable


Zoom meetings:

KHC movement still has unfulfilled plans to buy a large screen TV and a computer to help KHC leaders to link with LEN and other parachurch organizations to hold zoom meetings. This will help KHC learn and share end time signs of Jesus second coming and other teachings about the millennium Kingdom

Discipleship & Evangelism:

In 2022 the KHC movement plans to take its discipleship making programme and evangelism campaigns to new regions, and territories, moving outside the current eleven regions

Bible study programme

KHC still has an unfulfilled plan to open a KHC library, where some books from recommended authors can be loaned out. This will help our members to learn and understand from different authors about the last day’s church, prophetic end-times signs of Jesus second coming, living eternal now and about building a kingdom business, etc.

Income-generating projects:

KHC still has an unfulfilled plan to open up a medical facility/laboratory where church group members, and other people from the neighborhood communities, can come for medical check-up, and treatment at a minimal, affordable fee. Hopefully, this will help the financial stability and growth of the KHC movement.

 2022 KHC GOALS:

To spread the gospel far and wide as God leads and to make disciples who will make more disciples of Christ.
We have set a goal for 2022 of reaching out to 700 people with the gospel and starting up 6 more house church groups planted on a proper Biblical foundation.

The growth of this discipleship movement is a God-led blessing from Ron Edwards, founder of the website (Living Eternal Now), and supporters who have helped with prayers and finances. Thank you all!
On Jan, 13th-17th, 2022, KHC planters will go on a four days mission trip to Kehancha in the Kuria region. For some time now, we have had requests from brothers there for us to send an evangelism team. At our recent leader’s meeting, we resolved to visit this region.
Request: KHC is requesting prayers and financial help of Aus$ 300 from our LEN team members to help us go on this mission.
You are all a significant part of our success in growing this important discipleship movement in Kenya.

 Charles Otieno Owino.

I am hoping that some of the followers of LEN will join me this year to support the growth of the KHC movement. As Charles stated above, one of the projects we have not been able to fund is the purchase of a large screen TV and computer and a WiFi plan for Charles so that I and others can connect with him on Zoom. Also, I would like to purchase some books in English and Swahili for training and the proposed KHC library.

I have set up a Donations icon for KHC donations on the LEN Home Page.


The following email that I sent to my House Church and friends who have supported the KHC movement in the past is self explanatory. I hope you decide to support this group. You can do so by clicking the Donate icon on the Home Page.

TO: Ron Edwards, LEN followers and friends
Dear Saints.
It is with a great sorrow and pain to inform you of the demise of the late pastor Mourice Otieno Oguttu, who was a key pillar among the founding leaders of the Kenya house church movement, until his untimely death, Mourice was pastor and a leader at Ndhiwa house church.

The late pastor Mourice met his untimely death on Monday, September 6th, 2021. While riding on a motorcycle from his home at Ralan’g village in Dhiwa to Migori town, where he met head on with a lorry carrying logs of timber, a grisly accident which left two people instantly dead.
His body was first taken to Migori District level 5 hospital mortuary, and was later transferred to Ojele memorial hospital mortuary, for lower charges, waiting for the burial next week.
Pastor Mourice has left behind, wife(Vivian), and three children.
Burial date:
At a KHC’s leaders meeting held today at the home of pastor Mourice brought together nearly all KHC leaders with the key family members of the deceased. It was agreed with one voice that Mourice’s body will be laid to rest on Monday Sep13th, 2021.The government through the department of health COVID-19 guidelines requires that the dead person be buried within maximum seven days and with only 100 people in attendance.
Resolutions made by the KHC leaders:
1) The leaders resolved that KHC planned mission trip to KOKENDI & ONG’ER, on Sep,14th -19th,021, has been postponed and now will be on October 5th-10th, 2021
2) Pastor Jacob will take charge of the leadership of Ndhiwa house church, meanwhile preparation will be made to appoint a new leader of this house church.
3) The requested mission trip funding to KOKENDI & ONG’ER mission trip be channelled to help support Pastor Mourice’s  mortuary and burial expenses.
4) The KHC leadership to ensure the young wife and the three children are supported, specifically clothing, food and schooling.
5) All leaders and house churches to help donate in support for a successful burial of our beloved late pastor Mourice.
6) All KHC leaders and house church believers to meet at the home of the late pastor on evening of  Saturday September 11th with all the contributions.
KHC leaders is requesting brother Ron and all LEN house churches to help join us hand donating in support for the mortuary bill, and burial expenses for the late pastor Mourice. We have a total budget of  KShs 56,310/. and we are kindly requesting brother Ron and the LEN house churches to help support us with Au$400, approximately KShs 30,000.
The remaining needed amount KShs 26,300,KHC leaders and house churches are making ways possible to raise.
We all know and understand the financial limitations in place, but we are  praying and trusting God to for his supply and provisions.
Charles Leader & Founder KHC movement.