living eternal

As I mentioned in my opening blog “Why I started this blog” I know God exists because the Holy Spirit indwells my spirit, but the real issue is do you know God exists? I do know that if you honestly seek God you will find Him.
God also tells us that just by looking at HIS creation we should know that He exists. Moreover as I also mentioned in my first blog, eminent scientists like Dr Dean Kenyon are increasingly coming to realise they can’t ignore the amazing design in the universe which allows life as we know it to exist on Earth.
The founder of the probability theory, the Christian french mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) argues that when the odds that God exists are even then the prudent man/woman will gamble that God exists. This is a wager we all must make. Which then will you choose – that God exists or He does not? Pascal argues that as the odds are even then the choice should be made pragmatically in terms of maximising one’s happiness. If one wagers that God exists and he does then one has gained eternal life and infinite happiness. If He does not in fact exist then one has gained nothing. Hence the only prudent choice is to believe God exists.
There are many good arguments that God exists and it is interesting that in the secular philosophy magazine PHILO 4, No 2, 2001 carried an article by leading atheist philosopher Quentin Smith lamenting what he called the desecularisation of academy that evolved in philosophy departments since late 1960’s. He writes: “Naturalists passively watch as realist versions of theism, most influenced by Alvin Plantinga’s writings, began to sweep through the philosophical community, until today perhaps 1/4 to 1/3rd of philosophy professors in the major USA universities are theists, with most being orthodox Christians………….in philosophy it became, almost overnight, “academically respectable” to argue for theism, making philosophy a favored field of entry for the most talented theists entering academia today”.
In tomorrows blog, I will introduce some of the arguments for God exists but if you want to pursue them now may I suggest William Lane Craig’s site or go see some of Alvin Plantinga’s videos on You Tube.

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