APPLIED MATHEMATICS JOURNAL apologizes for censoring Intelligent Design article.


University of Texas mathematics professor Granville Sewell submitted an article critical of neo-Darwinism (“A Second Look at the Second Law”) to the journal Applied Mathematics Letters, it was peer-reviewed, and accepted for publication.

Unfortunately a Darwinist blogger wrote to the journal editor to complain about the article, who then retracted it. This delighted the pro-Darwin blogosphere, which speculated that the article was withdrawn because it wasn’t really peer-reviewed, or because it was somehow substandard.

But the journal’s publisher, Elsevier, has now agreed to issue a public apology, reiterating that “Dr Sewell’s article was peer-reviewed and accepted for publication” and making it clear that his article was not withdrawn because of “any errors or technical problems found by the reviewers or editors”.

However, Applied Mathematics Letters did not agree to reinstate Sewell’s article, although it did grant him the right to continue to post online the digital pre-print version prepared by the journal.

One suspects that the editor was only too aware of what happened to evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg after he, as editor of the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, had allowed an article on intelligent design to be published in 2004.

Ben Steins documentary video “EXPELLED – Intelligence Not Allowed shows just how fanatical certain evolutionists are about silencing argument, as does the book Slaughter of the Dissidents both available at

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