Another eminent PhD scientist prepared to buck the establishment

Dr Kenyon received his PhD in biophysics from Stanford University in 1965 and completed his post doctoral work at UC Berkeley, Oxford and NASA.

In 1969 as an evolutionist he co-authored the book entitled Biochemical Predestination which was adopted in the USA as a graduate textbook and was regarded as the seminal work on the formation of living cells from the chemicals of the earth.
By the 1980’s Kenyon came to the conclusion that after many years of total failure by laboratories around the world to recreate the scenario described in his textbook, he knew that intelligent design was needed for life’s beginning.
Want to see what happened as a result google Dr Kenyon and Scope’s Trial in Reverse.


Dr Smalley8671-buckyball-3
Dr Richard E Smalley was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996 for discovery and research on a totally new allotrope of carbon. Many researchers date the dawn of the modern nanotechnology field to Dr Smalley’s “buckyball” discovery.
Dr Richard (Rick) Smalley M.A. PhD Princeton University was the Hackerman Professor of Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy at Rice University, Houston Texas.
Professor Smalley’s many awards included eight honorary doctor of science awards.
Whilst sceptical of religion most of his life, Rick Smalley became a Christian only in his last years, partly due to his intensive study of intelligent design.
He claimed that Darwinian evolution had been given its death blow due to the advances in genetics and cell biology and that it was now clear that biological evolution could not have occurred.

If evolution is dead as so many leading scientists now acknowledge, isn’t it time it was buried.
The real problem is revealed in the following quotes from leading evolutionists.

“Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such an hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic.” Dr Scott Todd, Kansas State University.

“We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs…because we have a prior commitment to materialism.
It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create as apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive , no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is an absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine foot in the door.” Professor Richard Lewontin (retired Harvard University evolutionary biologist and geneticist).

Can you come to a belief in God purely from the evidence?

There is A God by Anthony Flew

HERE IS WHAT THE WORLD’S MOST NOTORIUS ATHEIST  SAYS IN HIS BOOK.                                                                               

Professor Antony Flew, former Professor of Philosophy, Oxford University.

“Can the origins of a system of coded chemistry (DNA) be explained in a way that makes no appeal whatever to the kind of facts that we otherwise invoke to explain codes and languages, systems of communications, the impress of ordinary words on the world of matter?” p. 127
He pointed out that natural selection can’t explain the origin of first life. Ultimately, a vast amount of information is behind life, and in every other case, information requires an intelligent source, so it is only reasonable that there be a Source behind this information as well.

He is adamant that his conversion to theism does not represent a paradigm shift, because his paradigm remains simply to follow the argument where it leads.

“I must stress that my discovery of the Divine has proceeded on a purely natural level, without any reference to supernatural phenomena. It has been an exercise in what has traditionally been called natural theology. It has had no connection with any of the revealed religions. Nor do I claim to have had any personal experience of God or any experience that maybe called supernatural or miraculous. In short, my discovery of the Divine has been a pilgrimage of reason not of faith.”

“There Is No God” was published in 2007. Professor Antony Flew died in 2010 at 87, hopefully before he died he met the true God who he had discovered through Natural Theology, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

APPLIED MATHEMATICS JOURNAL apologizes for censoring Intelligent Design article.


University of Texas mathematics professor Granville Sewell submitted an article critical of neo-Darwinism (“A Second Look at the Second Law”) to the journal Applied Mathematics Letters, it was peer-reviewed, and accepted for publication.

Unfortunately a Darwinist blogger wrote to the journal editor to complain about the article, who then retracted it. This delighted the pro-Darwin blogosphere, which speculated that the article was withdrawn because it wasn’t really peer-reviewed, or because it was somehow substandard.

But the journal’s publisher, Elsevier, has now agreed to issue a public apology, reiterating that “Dr Sewell’s article was peer-reviewed and accepted for publication” and making it clear that his article was not withdrawn because of “any errors or technical problems found by the reviewers or editors”.

However, Applied Mathematics Letters did not agree to reinstate Sewell’s article, although it did grant him the right to continue to post online the digital pre-print version prepared by the journal.

One suspects that the editor was only too aware of what happened to evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg after he, as editor of the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, had allowed an article on intelligent design to be published in 2004.

Ben Steins documentary video “EXPELLED – Intelligence Not Allowed shows just how fanatical certain evolutionists are about silencing argument, as does the book Slaughter of the Dissidents both available at

“Proof the UK was recently totally under water.” by Dr John D Matthews.

Dr John Matthews has a PhD in Earth Science, B.Sc in Mathematics, chartered geological status (C.Geol. and F.G.S) from working in the upstream oil industry on geoscientific issues.
Geology as currently taught in schools, colleges and universities knows nothing of Noah’s Flood when according to the Bible , the whole world was submerged under water recently (thousands not millions of years ago). The Biblical Flood is sidelined by the establishments bondage to uniformitarianism.
Neither is there any reference in this ‘bondage’ geology to the large number of non biblical flood legends from many parts of the world. These should have prompted a serious study before geology became entrapped by uniformitarianism which is hardly liberated by admission of the occasional catastrophe.
The UK, because of its relatively small size compared to the world land mass and the early development of geology here has been explored to to a higher level of detail than most other countries. This paper presents evidence from within the uniformitarian paradigm that the UK experienced a complete flood recently. In the process we show that there are other pointers, quite independent of flood legends, to the whole world having experienced a global flood. Other researchers are then encouraged to complete this story geologically.”
Paper appeared in Journal of Creation Vol.27 (1) 2013.

New BBC Series “Wonders of Life” How Life First Began

Extract of article by Dominic Stratham:
Professor Brian Cox particle physicist at Manchester University UK is set to takeover from David Attenborough as BBC’s popular science presenter.
It seems he has all the right credentials: in 1990’s he played keyboard for the pop group D Ream, he is considered the best looking physics professor around and he has no time for the God of the Bible.
This latest series by the BBC unequivocally promotes the naturalistic world view as scientific with statements about evolution prefixed with phrases such as “We Know” and What’s certain”
The good news is that there are so many unscientific arguments presented by Dr Cox that this programme is very reassuring for creationists: if this is all they can come up with then we have very little to fear. The tragedy however is that for the general public it just reinforces what they have been fed by the secular media and educational establishments. To read Dominic Statham’s full article go to