ICCC Conference in Athens, Possessing The Land – IT’S TIME!

ICCC Athens Conf

It is the end of the second day of the conference. With over 50 member nations represented at the conference it is an exciting time. Today we are living in very disruptive and challenging times. There is universal agreement amongst members that we are living in a time of unprecedented financial crisis with the debt burden increasing to unsustainable levels is most of the developed countries. A worldwide financial crash is inevitable it is only a matter of when.

As a people called by God whose business and working lives are an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith, motivated by God’s love, we are confident that we are called by God to be part of the solution for this time. It is our desire to see Christians in their professional and spiritual lives growing up to be great and tall trees, planted by the water, each bringing forth their fruit in season, and creating shade and rest for those around. ( Psalm 1, Isaiah 61:3, Jeremiah 17:7-8 ). it is about a walk of faith, understanding and loving God, and in His power serving those around us – individuals, communities, and nations that need our help.

Wonderful testimonies were given of God’s equipping and enabling members to overcome seemingly impossible situations.

IT IS TIME to give hope from heaven for tomorrow!

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