Interviewed on Christian Post by Samuel Smith: “You said not too long ago that we could be living in the last of days, what exactly did you mean by that and does that make events like SoCal Harvest even more crucial?” Greg  speaking to 32,000 at the SoCal Harvest Crusade, 8/26/2016, Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA

Laurie: I do believe that we are living in the last days. I know this has been said before but there are events happening in our world right now that, to me, are what we call signs of the times.

The Bible says there are things that we should look for that signal the last days and one of them of course is the scattering and regathering of the nation of Israel, which we all know happened in 1948 when Israel was declared a nation. But the Bible tells us, for instance, that there is going to be a cashless society. The Bible tells us that there is going to be global instability and excessive violence in the End Times. As we look around right now at the way the world is changing, we look at the change economically, we look at the emergence of radical terrorist groups like ISIS that are incomprehensibly barbaric in the things that they do to people.

I just read today in The Christian Post about how they were using a blowtorch to kill people that defected. I can’t remember a time that we heard anything this awful since the Nazis. Now, with social media, which they use quite adeptly, this horror and wickedness has spread and people are radicalised online. Who would have even thought of such a thing 25 years ago. Yet, here it is happening right now.

The Bible says that in the last days that it will be like labour pains. As a woman is ready to give birth, the labour pains get closer and closer together. That’s what I think we are seeing that says we are in, maybe now, the last hours because the events are getting closer together. Maybe 20 years ago, there would be an event every few months or so, maybe once a year. Now, it just seems like every week there are things happening that remind us that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled and Christ is coming. Having said that, I think that should produce in the Christians, an urgency to share their faith.

Look, I don’t know when the end of the world is, but there are people that I speak to every night, the end of their world could be tomorrow because we don’t know when life will end. So, I preach as a dying man to dying men.

How are we living our lives in these last days? Can I suggest you start living eternal now.


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