The Big History project is funded by Bill Gates and it attempts to rewrite history to remove God and His Word from history. Moreover, Big History is now a referenced text for universities in the USA and around the world.

Authors: David Christian (D.Phil., Oxford University) is a lecturer in history at Macquarie University Sydney Australia. In 2010, he founded the “Big History Project” with Bill Gates. Cynthia Stokes Brown (PhD, John Hopkins University) has written extensively on civil rights history. She is also author of Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present (2007). Craig Benjamin (PhD, Macquarie University) is an Associate Professor of history at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.

These authors boast this is “the first modern text on big history”.

The authors claim to have formulated a new secular and materialistic origin to replace religious origin stories – especially the Biblical account of creation. To them origin stories are “naive and simplistic” (p 12), and the miraculous birth and death of Christ are dismissed as being merely great stories with “almost magical power”(p.12). In fact, they assert that it is a mistake to take the origin stories such as the Genesis account too literally, and that those that told them did not themselves always take them as literal truth.

The authors assert there is no verifiable evidence to support the creationist view and no way of testing it. Therefore, scientists regard supernatural creation as a matter of belief or a metaphor. Instead, scientists look for naturalistic explanations that can be supported by objective evidence.

The authors seem blind to the fact that big bang cosmology and biological evolution are mere forensic reconstructions that have no direct evidence and no way of testing them – talk about blind faith. There explanation for this universe is that it “appeared” 13.8 billion years ago. How it came into existence the authors don’t say.

The authors claim there is a single thread that runs through the whole story: the emergence of more and more complex things over time. And yet, all of the evidence and laws of nature run contrary to this statement.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Law of Disorder or Law of Decay) shows a world winding down. Moreover, genetic entropy demonstrates the human genome is deteriorating at a disturbing rate due to the accumulation of mutations which clearly shows mankind and many more animals are heading for extinction. There is no mechanism for taking you from “goo to you”. The emergence of more complex things over time is a myth.

This book is not a true work of history. It is merely a propaganda tool for the indoctrination of students with a materialist and indeed Marxist, worldview.

Students who want serious, well-researched and documented works of history should consult the book of Genesis, Geoffrey Blainey’s, A Short History of the World and Thomas Sowell’s, Conquests and Cultures, Wealth, Poverty and Politics, Migrations and Cultures.

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