In the Book of the Prophet Daniel 7:7, we read of the system of the Antichrist. It is described using the metaphor of a beast, “dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong.” After its initial assault on its enemies with its iron teeth, it continues to trample even the residual survivors. Its hard not to see this being fulfilled right now throughout the Middle East. After Muhammad died and his successors burst forth out of Arabia, they rapidly conquered the whole Middle East and North Africa. Within ten years the very heart of the ancient Christian Church was ripped out.

All of the great former missionary sending capitals were conquered: Ephesus, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria. Yet while a smaller minority of Christians managed to hang on in those cities, they have forever since been a struggling minority among their Muslim neighbours. Now the residue is even being trampled, and we read of repeated reports that speak of Christianity virtually disappearing from Iraq and Syria.

Yet despite the gravity of what is unfolding before the eyes of the world and the global church, I genuinely don’t think that most Christians have truly put the prophetic pieces together.

Before ISIS came, the Yezidis in Iraq numbered around 400,000.  As the mass graves continue to be unearthed and the bodies counted, some estimates suggest that as many as one fifth of Iraqi’s Yezidis were massacred under the exceedingly cruel hand of the ISIS Caliphate.

I am still amazed when a village of Chaldean Catholic Christians is decimated because of the name of Jesus, simply because they are not Muslim, and some American prophecy teachers and watchmen continue to claim that it is the Catholics who are the real threat. Could it be that the eastern beast is now knocking at the gates of the city while far too many of the “watchmen” are either determinedly perched on the western wall looking in the wrong direction, or are asleep entirely?  The way things are moving, I truly believe we may be far closer than most think. Let us all repent, for the Day of the Lord is indeed at hand


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