After every terrorist attack, politicians and pundits reassure us that the atrocity does not represent the true beliefs of the “moderate Muslim majority.” But how many moderates are there? And what exactly does “moderate” mean?

Military instructor and researcher Hussein Aboubakr of Prager University grew up attending Muslim schools in Egypt. Looking back at his Muslim education, Aboubakr believes that Westerners simply do not understand the values that Islam actually promotes. When politicians reassure their citizenry, after terror attacks, that most Muslims are “moderate,” Aboubakr says that it all depends on what the definition of “moderate” is.

Watch as Aboubakr describes what most (though not all) so called ‘moderate Muslims’ think about imposing Sharia Law and supporting terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

al Mahdi

This religion is the most antichrist religion that has ever existed. Both Shia and Sunni Muslims believe the appearance of their Messiah – al Mahdi is imminent. Is this person the expected Christian Antichrist? I believe so. It fits the fourth empire of Daniel 2 being the Ottoman Empire (which crushed the first three Empires) and the final Empire being a revived but divided (Sunni/Shia) Muslim Caliphate. It fits with Rev. 12,13 & 17 history of the pagan Empires with 7th head – Ottoman Empire and the 8th head Divided Islamic Empire. Also, whether Daniel’s King of the North, Ezekiel’s Gog, or Isaiah’s and Micah’s “The Assyrian”, they are the same man the Antichrist, from the same region with the same motivation – The Antichrist.

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