Werner Nachtigal founder Go2020 shared that in some of the hardest to reach Muslim nations, there were thousands of decisions for Christ—6,400 in Somalia, and 8,300 in Afghanistan.
He told the story of one unnamed North African city, where a Muslim imam used the mosque’s loudspeaker to call Muslims to come and watch the Jesus film. 16,000 people made a decision for Jesus as a result.
In Tanzania, almost half a million people responded to the gospel. These numbers and stories are truly mind-blowing.

The Canberra Declaration community, say they have truly been blessed to be a part of the Go2020 prayer and outreach movement. God is good!

Global Outreach Day was a worldwide Go2020 prayer gathering to pray for the global harvest in the midst of the COVID-19 virus crisis. Many prayer streams, so far embracing 145 nations and including International Prayer Connect, have come together to arrange this united event. It will be led by ministry leaders from every region of the world, including some praying children.

Persist as the prayer does not start until about 7 minutes in when David Demian gives a great introduction.

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