Living Eternal Now: Ready for Jesus Return – Now in paperback – February 4, 2021 on Amazon

Author Mr Ronald William Edwards 

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Living Eternal NowReady for Jesus Return is about living our lives knowing that everything we give ourselves to will be judged in the fire of Jesus’ coming. Everything. If it isn’t yoked to eternity, it will burn up. The book provides abundant proof God exists and His Word (Holy Bible) is inerrant from Genesis to Revelation providing an accurate history of this Cosmos. It includes direct links to videos and articles that support this thesis which make eBooks particularly useful. It provides testimonies of prominent people, PhD scientists, famous actors like Denzel Washington. that are already living life with an eternal focus clearly in mind. The essential elements for living eternal now are covered in detail, so you can live with an eternal perspective knowing God’s purpose for your life. The last chapter, Discerning the Times, establishes we are living in the last days hence there is an urgency for you to know His will for your life.

If you would like an autographed copy of my book then you need to email me on providing your home or shipping address and donate equivalent of US$12.99 (includes postage anywhere) by clicking on the Donate icon on the Home Page.

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