The Lord Jesus, the Master Designer and Programmer, ensured that the very definition of our sex is encoded onto every single one of our trillions of DNA-containing cells! I cannot imagine a more robust, fundamental way to ‘hardcode’ a static, immutable, unchangeable value, which could well be declared as a constant. This is in perfect harmony with Scripture’s clear teaching of two sexes. Sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes contained in every cell in the body. Male XY and females XX.

“He who created them from the beginning made them male and female.” Matt. 19:4

The many clear instructions in the Bible, given by our caring Creator, are motivated by love, by what is best for us. It is mandatory we follow our Creator’s instructions. If we decide to rebel against the Creator’s will in matters of marriage, sex, and gender definitions, we do it to our detriment. The Bible is the cutting-edge care instruction manual from the brilliant Super-Engineer to those of His beloved creatures created for fellowship with Him. Our every cell is in effect signed with ‘designed in Heaven’.

The Bible teaches clearly on marriage and gender in Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image … male and female he created them.” Our Lord Jesus confirmed this (Matthew 19:4; Mark 10:6). He quoted Genesis 1:27, the creation of the first human couple, the ancestors of everyone else who ever lived. Thus, the original and flawless plan of our Creator is clearly for every human being to be either a male or a female.


  1. I refuse to bow to this current agenda to undermine all the laws God created in the Universe. Sometimes the obvious truth of them is ignored, like as you say in gender, and sometimes they translate or bend established things to fit their pattern. Even in basic things like they never refer to your spouse ,husband or wife. It is “partner” which has no definition or meaning. No Mr or Mrs anymore. I do my best to affirm God ordained facts. i do not want to add to the confusion our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are now growing up in. i was impressed to hear the Governor of South Dakota explaining they how used “God-given commonsense” during the Co-vid crisis and and didn’t shutdown schools and businesses and enforce mask wearing without good reason and now they have no jobless and are enjoying a thriving economy. We must use our God given commonsense and righteous judgement and not just fall into step with the current agenda to change society.

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