My Africa Trip was primarily to meet up with The Kenya House Church Movement leaders and I have already reported on the results of that meeting in two earlier posts entitled My Africa Trip Report and More on My Africa Trip Report. Hope you have time to look at those. It was truly a unique experience presenting PowerPoint presentations to 22 Kenya House Church leaders in a tin shed.

A previous pastor of mine in Sydney (David Owens) almost twenty years ago now is pastoring a Vineyard Church in Arusha. As it is only a one-hour flight from Nairobi, I asked David if I could come and spend a couple of days with him and Judy. One of those days was Sunday so David asked me to share with the church about what God is doing in my life now.

The pictures below show the size of the church building. It can typically house one hundred + people. Many expats but also locals make up the congregation.

David had a missionary friend, Tom visiting as well. He works with a U.S. Mission providing health services to the poor, so we both shared at the Sunday service, I felt led to show my Holy Spirit PowerPoint presentation which fitted well with the scripture Tom shared.

I had many come up to me after expressing appreciation for the message and David told me the feedback he had was positive as well. Thank you, Lord!

The original roof was thatched but it is now covered with sheet metal
The high thatched roof looks incredible
Judy, David, and myself with Tom taking the photo
Tom, Judy, and David

I had hoped to connect David with the Kenya House Church Movement to provide support and training but they both have a lot on their plate at the moment with the Vineyard Church leadership. Both David and Judy have in their heart a major project – Centre for Exploring Truth and Change similar to Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri in Switzerland (Shelter for honest questions). It is already underway but they need partners who will commit prayer and money to the project. If you feel led and want to know more connect with David and Judy at owensinafrica@gmail .com


  1. Thankfully, Your trip to Africa has been fruitful.Abd with positive outcome!

    Great to see God in these last days using great men of God, like Ron Edwards,Nelson Walter, Torbern, Tom and David Owen in fulfiling the great commission of making disciples and reaching out to nations with the gospel.

    Gladly, KHC leaders became blessed with Ron’s teachings about the last days endtime signs of Jesus’s second coming. How to prepare for Jesus’s return. The saints ruling and reigning with Christ in the millennium. And the prophesied restoration of the Israelites to the promised Land.And etc.
    Well come back again!

    Abundant blessings,


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