What is the identity of the Beast from the Sea in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13? Are they the same creature? What kingdoms make up the seven heads? Who are the seven kings associated with the heads? Are the 7 heads mountains or hills? Who is the beast that was not; now is, and comes out of the abyss? Is the beast a man, a demon, or a kingdom; or is it all three at once? Watch to discover the likely answers to all these questions.

The Beast is one of the most important end times understanding particularly the fourth Beast, it is a composite of the others. It fits most of our end-times theories together. One of the keys to understanding is that the Beast is a man, Kingdom, and demon all at the same time. Nelson’s comparison of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue and the 7 heads of the beast is also an important understanding.

You will need to copy the website link in the caption below the video and open it in your browser. It helps Nelson’s ratings if you watch on YouTube.

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