Mike Signorelli, senior pastor of V1 Church in New York City is correctly sounding the alarm on the troubling ways people are increasingly being conditioned to improperly partake in the occult. More and more TV programs and films are increasingly involving Psychics, Witches, Horoscopes, and the Supernatural. Mike is also warning that “carnal, natural-minded Christians” are the biggest barrier he sees to spiritual revival.

“We’re stepping into this area right now. New Age practices are becoming a normal phenomenon,” Signorelli told “The Playing With Fire Podcast.” “Even secular companies are provoking people to step into the spiritual realm or to believe in the supernatural in a way that, it’s like we’re moving past atheism and we’re moving into ‘spiritual but not religious as a people.”

The preacher offered a message to Christians who might be hesitant to talk about biblical evil with friends and family, warning that many of their loved ones are already engaging in the supernatural — but in deeply inappropriate and dangerous ways.

Exorcism typically gets a lot of attention in pop culture, mainly due to its vivid depictions in movies, but the expulsion of evil from a person’s life doesn’t always look like what’s observed on the big screen. Mike Signorelli, the senior pastor of V1 Church in New York City, recently appeared on “The Playing With Fire Podcast,” where he explored exorcism and his views on biblical evil. The preacher explained “deliverance,” a term with which people might have less familiarity than the word “exorcism,” though many use the words interchangeably, among other topics.

As Faithwire has reported, McDonald’s is just one of the companies that brought the occult — specifically Tarot card reading — into its marketing this year. Other companies have done the same, with Hollywood shows routinely bringing psychics, mediums, and others into the mainstream.

Watch Signorelli break these issues down around the 34-minute mark:

“Sometimes you’ll be like, ‘Well, I don’t want to freak my family out, or I don’t want to freak my coworkers out,’” he said. “Not knowing that your coworkers are burning sage in their home in hopes that unclear spirits are leaving … they’re reading their horoscopes.”

Signorelli said the refusal to engage is actually hampering faith, particularly when it is paired with the denial of the supernatural elements of the spiritual realm.

“Carnal, natural-minded Christians are the biggest barrier to revival right now,” he said. “Because your friends and family are all operating in the supernatural realm right now, but they’re illegally entering it.”

Anyone mistakenly thinking of engaging in such tactics should remember the biblical commands to trust God with our futures, not man.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Read more about Signorelli’s comments on evil, deliverance, and more.


  1. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” – you have been a believer your entire life, don’t give up now. None of your churches “know or understand” the true messages of Christ. You knew this day was coming. If they did, then where are their prophets now? Why repeat and argue verses? There is only One source of the “True Word of God,” and that is of Jesus Christ. Your leaders were “set apart” to prove a point as part of the “Great Covenant” made long ago starting with Abraham. Love IS the Only Path, and exactly what Jesus Christ taught, was persecuted for, and died for in order to “prove to the world” once and for All that the “Love of God Is-Real. Occult simply means hidden, that is all. There are many demons and you can easily identify them with their violent attitudes, preaches of separation, and any word they may utter outside of the “True Word of God.” There is much work to do with your “self” that the judgement of others is very harmful to the “world soul.” Those who do not “know” is in fact the blind leading the blind. Churches that gather to prove “their way” rather than “common understanding” are in fact the anti-Christ. This is anything that steers a wanting soul away from the path of regeneration and / or resurrection of the complete soul, and thus apart from God. The “word of man” does not reflect this wholeness, or Holiness, it only preaches fear out of ignorance. There is nothing to fear other than not “knowing God.” All Holy Books are the exact “same messages,” written in different tongues, and it has been “man” that has horrifically and falsely interpreted these Divine and Holy messages, as well as using them for personal wealth and gain. They do not “know or understand” their Holy Books and Sacred Scriptures. Only the original author of All religion does, and that is Christ himself. Jesus Christ is the only One that holds “The Key of the Sacred Heart” that unlocks “All Word and Scripture.” Jesus IS the Master Director on behalf of the Great Creator and Producer of this Glorious Universe. Follow Him for “God’s Truth.” There are no dues, fees, memberships, or subscriptions required. The LOVE OF GOD IS FREE, and it will never be found outside of anyone through the money changers of this world. L.V.X. – Light is My Savior


    • I assume you mean all the Holy books of the Bible not other so-called holy books. “All Holy Books are the exact “same messages,” written in different tongues, and it has been “man” that has horrifically and falsely interpreted these Divine and Holy messages,”


      • Christianity is the “Light of the World,” and those who “hold and wholeheartedly” practice “His Faith” shall never walk in darkness. This is what “Christ Consciousness,” is all about, and what every single living breathing human soul must learn to obtain in order to “regenerate them-Selves” into the higher “heavenly planes.” This is what the 66 books of the Holy Bible are about, although almost nobody pays attention to “the word.” Jesus of Nazareth became “Christ” when he followed “God’s Law,” and this allowed him to “receive the Holy Gift of God’s Word,” or the gift of verb through the “Holy Spirit.” Christ is the center of all religions for a reason, however distorted and corrupt they may be. Just because someone says they are Jew or Christian, does not make one a Jew or Christian. This is really where the anti-Christ hides in the invisible realms, and sadly many good people do not really know what they are doing or saying. The Sacred Knowledge of the Higher Mysteries was savagely, but only partially stolen in the days of Ancient Egypt. God concealed the “Higher Holy Mysteries” from the evil profane, as this was the Holy task of Moses. It is through the magical mysteries and enigmas of the Christian Holy Bible (yes, the 66 books) that will very soon shine “The Light” on the fingerprints of darkness in all religion, in the ways of the world, and for every One who “chooses to see.” For they knew not what they had done, and that is too their blind weakness. A little sacred knowledge tragically misunderstood and improperly applied is a very dangerous thing.

        However; judgement of others and their faith is not the concern of a true student of God. How is it that “a man” has not even figured out his own path and faith, but assumes to know the wisdom of another? All soul’s incarnated on this planet are here to learn to “Love,” and in every sense of the “Word.” This is the “School of Life and Love,” and it is everyones job to find the “Christ” that lives within them-Selves to become Holy (whole, wholeness, wholesome, all of the same “word” that means to become,,, complete). Let that be a hint to “half of the mystery,” that is secretly hidden within the bonds of “Holy Matrimony.” These are the true teachings of Jesus, and what he wanted everyone in the world to “know,” and died for in order to prove “The Truth” to every human soul, “Once and for All.” Is that not an act of the “complete” and selfless Love of God???


  2. The Hindu ,Marmon,Budha,and etc. All have books they refers as” Holy books” so you ought to have been specificy”They do not “know or understand” their Holy Books and Sacred Scriptures.
    I believe you didn’t mean any other book apart from the Holy Bible which is Holy. And if there is another then No, and it is unholy.


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