Jonathan Cahn speaking at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Conference on July 9th, 2022.

A fired-up Jonathan Cahn reveals how God is in control of events that are playing out in America today. The events follow God’s timing according to the Shemitah (7 years) and Jubilee (50 years). God ordained the timing of events for the nation He established, Israel, but could He use this timing for controlling world events? Jonathan Cahn shows that indeed God is controlling world events according to His schedule.

You will be blown away by the information revealed by Jonathan in this video. God is indeed in control of events and answers our prayers in ways that are way above what we expect.

We indeed need to pray for revival with the same zeal as you hear Jonathan in this video. God wants to use you just as he is using Jonathan. Are you seeking His will in this hour? The darkness is great but God is greater. Let’s get in step with Him. Be bold, be courageous, the time is NOW. Start living eternal NOW.

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