The KHC Mission trip was to SUBA KURIA – near the border of Kenya and Tanzania and Lake Victoria. Kuria District is a district in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. Our team arrived on Monday, February 27th, and departed Monday, March 6th.

The KHC team was welcomed by our host Mr. Magaiwa Chacha and supporters of our Mission trip. Upon arrival, we conducted opening prayers, before proceeding with other ministry activities. The meeting was attended by a good number of people including men, women, and a few children.


On the evening of our arrival at the home of Mr. Chacha, a good number of people turned up to hear our gospel message. Pastor Ben Otieno ministered a message on the Israelites and their physical land of promise. And it was good to see many hearts attentively listening to the gospel message, among them was a young widow wearing a green dotted dress, she was quick to learn and asked biblical questions (see picture 2. below). She is a potential leader of a women’s group.

On the morning of the next day, Feb 28th, our evangelism team led by Pastor Jacob conducted house-to-house visits ministering the gospel message and particularly the need for repentance and holiness. At the home of Mr. Girson Ogolla, there was a young man (Mr Evans Odero – wearing a white shirt). He was suffering intense pain in his back from a car accident five years ago and was unable to walk upright. After prayer, he was healed, walking upright without pain. He gave his life to the Lord and gave thanks to God for his goodness and mercy. He is the man with his right hand raised on the far left in picture 3 below.

On 1st March, at the home of Mr. Samwel Mwita , our team ministered the gospel message of salvation, Traditional churches vs the New Testament Churches, (church as Jesus intended).

Many people believed the gospel message and among them was his wife, Mrs. Birgitta Samwel,  this lady was being tormented by evil spirits, and had a spirit of divination, she was prayed for and delivered from demonic oppression.

On  March 2nd, at the compound of Mr. Robi Magige, Pastor Seth Otieno and some of our pastors had one on one evangelism discussions, Seth had a great conversation for about an hour with a young mother who happened to be an atheist. Seth was able to plant a few seeds. When they were done evangelizing and were loading up she came back to them and said “it was good talking with you”. She asked a few more questions and then gave them a thumbs up and said “that’s cool, thanks” I’m very grateful for these conversations I will have to get it to other people. 

It’s amazing that a lot of atheists ask better questions than Christians do.


On March 3rd, We held road evangelism and ministered the gospel message to many people including men, women, and youths. We distributed tracts to the youths and Gideon NT Bibles which were donated to me by a pastor friend.

The Holy Spirit gave many people the power to understand our gospel message on salvation, and repentance. Many were interested in our talks on the end times and Jesus’ second coming. We even spoke on Jesus’ millennium reign in his soon-coming Kingdom to be established here on Earth.

On March 4th,  Our team including Pastor Julius Makacha visited a nearby primary school ( Getong’anya) and ministered the gospel message of salvation to some teachers in the office. And two of the teachers believed the message. And they were given Gideons  NT Bibles. 


As a result of the work done through us by God in this region of OLASI, a new house church of 15 members was birthed. This new young house church will be under elder Magaiwa Chacha. He will be helped and supported by pastor Bernad Jacobo of Nyarombo house Church. This will continue until brother Magaiwa is fully built up and mature in the faith such that he can stand alone with this house church.

The KHC leaders are planning their next discipleship mission trip to Nyabohanse on March 27th. They are hoping that God will raise up from some of those reading this report believers who will provide financial support for the trip. At 86, I am no longer able to provide the support I gave over the last four years of AUS $300 a month. It will be interesting to see how God provides for His work in Kenya’s rural areas. I have a Donations icon on the Home Page or you can send money direct to Pastor Charles by Western Union. Send to Charles Otieno Owino, Location ISIBANIA ROAD, MIGORI, KENYA. Email: Charles picks up the money from the Migori Western Union office. Please let me know if you decide to support the Kenya House Church Movement.

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