The King’s coronation in May will feature an LGBTQ+ choir. It is not the makeup of the choir that makes the most striking statement about how Britain has changed. More significant is the fact that the monarch is taking account of identity politics at his coronation. Indeed, I would suggest that in making this move, he renders the monarchy redundant and gives proof of his determination to be irrelevant.

The rhetoric of inclusivity that now grips the contemporary mind is, of course, a political confidence trick. “Inclusivity” is simply the rhetorically powerful word used to exclude people, the people of whom the “inclusive” do not approve. The model of society these progressive inclusivists propose is not really more all-embracing than that which it is replacing. In fact, it looks likely to be far more exclusive, given that subscription to the contemporary credo of identity politics is fast becoming a condition of being considered a legitimate member of society. That’s why a man who served his country, was fined last year for merely praying in silence outside an abortion clinic. It is doubtful that any choir featuring his cause, Christianity, will make it onto the A-list of guest performers at the king’s coronation. By legitimating inclusivity, defined by the categories of contemporary identity politics, the king demonstrates the redundancy of the institution he embodies.

If Charles is going to bow to politics, then he will be no more representative of the entire nation than Biden or Trump is representative of the United States. He risks, in fact, making himself a source not of unity but of further division, exclusion, and polarization. The greatness of modern monarchy lies precisely in its immediate and intentional irrelevance, in its ability to point to a unity deeper than the ephemeral issues — and identities — of the day. Thus, as soon as there is enthusiastic talk of a coronation that will not be traditional, the game is over. If tradition is useless, something that needs to be overcome, then the reason for the monarchy has long since gone. How ironic that the king himself seems determined to make the republican argument in a more powerful form than we have seen for many years. In such circumstances, the British people might as well become a republic and elect the same kind of shallow, careerist partisans for which America and France have had to settle.

Living Waters (Ray Confort) wants to see millions of gospel tracts spread all throughout London and the rest of the world on Coronation Day! Make sure you get some of these exclusive gospel tracts. They are freely available to every Christian who wants to hand them out!

This article is adapted from an Editorial in Christian Post

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