Watch Ray Comfort present the GOSPEL to this young woman and a young man. Note the logic of the progression of his presentation and their reactions. Just by their openness and goodness the Holy Spirit was already working in their lives. Fortunately, the young woman had a praying grandma, which influenced the extent of the change in her from believing in reincarnation to coming back to reconsidering Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

God has revealed to Ray Comfort the great opportunity that the Coronation of King Charles on Saturday 6th May 2023 offers Christians to evangelize unbelievers. The Coronation service is a traditional Christian service that honours God and the Bible. When Ray shared the vision he had been given with others sufficient money was donated to produce millions of brochures which Ray is offering free of charge to anyone who wants to be involved in what God is doing to bring the Gospel to the lost. Please get involved, you can by going to Ray’s website go

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