Jonathan Cahn has been given great insight into what God is doing and allowing in our day and how it relates to end-times Biblical prophecy.

Spiritual warfare is already intense and Biblical prophecy informs us that it will increase as we approach the time of Jesus’ return. The information Jonathan discloses in this video is mind-blowing. The detail he gives concerning the transgender person that killed six people at a Christian school in Nashville U.S.A. shows how demonic spirits are manifesting as the nation turns away from God.

Jonathan’s book The Return of the Gods is a book for our time. I encourage you to buy it and put it into the hands of your pastor.

Is it possible that behind what is taking place in America and the world lies a mystery that goes back to the gods of the ancient world…and that they now have returned? This is an urgent prophetic word for the coming years from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

Chapters: Introduction/Jonathan’s testimony. What does the book “Return of the Gods” (The Dark Trinity) reveal? The same three spirits that attacked Israel have now attacked America and other nations. When nations turn against God, they open themselves up to these spirits 1. The god Baal, the Possessor – 2. The god Ashtoreth, the Enchantress, the wife of Baal. 3. The god Molech, the Destroyer-Transformer. Their agenda is not tolerance, it is dominion.

These spirits are warring against the Gospel, against Jesus, against Christians. This is our hour. We have the greatest power, the power of God. The power that overcomes the world. We need to be the light in a dark place, shining bright. God will empower you but you need to make sure that you have cast all idols out of your life. Whatever it might be, technology is a major one, and for men, pornography, sport, cars, etc. Repent and get the help you need to address these issues now so that we can be the warriors we are meant to be.

Jonathan’s video needs to be distributed widely to your Christian friends.

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