The following email that I sent to my House Church and friends who have supported the KHC movement in the past is self explanatory. I hope you decide to support this group. You can do so by clicking the Donate icon on the Home Page.

TO: Ron Edwards, LEN followers and friends
Dear Saints.
It is with a great sorrow and pain to inform you of the demise of the late pastor Mourice Otieno Oguttu, who was a key pillar among the founding leaders of the Kenya house church movement, until his untimely death, Mourice was pastor and a leader at Ndhiwa house church.

The late pastor Mourice met his untimely death on Monday, September 6th, 2021. While riding on a motorcycle from his home at Ralan’g village in Dhiwa to Migori town, where he met head on with a lorry carrying logs of timber, a grisly accident which left two people instantly dead.
His body was first taken to Migori District level 5 hospital mortuary, and was later transferred to Ojele memorial hospital mortuary, for lower charges, waiting for the burial next week.
Pastor Mourice has left behind, wife(Vivian), and three children.
Burial date:
At a KHC’s leaders meeting held today at the home of pastor Mourice brought together nearly all KHC leaders with the key family members of the deceased. It was agreed with one voice that Mourice’s body will be laid to rest on Monday Sep13th, 2021.The government through the department of health COVID-19 guidelines requires that the dead person be buried within maximum seven days and with only 100 people in attendance.
Resolutions made by the KHC leaders:
1) The leaders resolved that KHC planned mission trip to KOKENDI & ONG’ER, on Sep,14th -19th,021, has been postponed and now will be on October 5th-10th, 2021
2) Pastor Jacob will take charge of the leadership of Ndhiwa house church, meanwhile preparation will be made to appoint a new leader of this house church.
3) The requested mission trip funding to KOKENDI & ONG’ER mission trip be channelled to help support Pastor Mourice’s  mortuary and burial expenses.
4) The KHC leadership to ensure the young wife and the three children are supported, specifically clothing, food and schooling.
5) All leaders and house churches to help donate in support for a successful burial of our beloved late pastor Mourice.
6) All KHC leaders and house church believers to meet at the home of the late pastor on evening of  Saturday September 11th with all the contributions.
KHC leaders is requesting brother Ron and all LEN house churches to help join us hand donating in support for the mortuary bill, and burial expenses for the late pastor Mourice. We have a total budget of  KShs 56,310/. and we are kindly requesting brother Ron and the LEN house churches to help support us with Au$400, approximately KShs 30,000.
The remaining needed amount KShs 26,300,KHC leaders and house churches are making ways possible to raise.
We all know and understand the financial limitations in place, but we are  praying and trusting God to for his supply and provisions.
Charles Leader & Founder KHC movement.



The report provides a brief summary of the history of the movement and more detail on their 16th mission trip of the year to Kogaja

We are happy to express our gratitude to brother Ron for his financial support and to any of the friends and followers of LEN that are praying for us.
As you may know, KHC began in 2010, and our main calling and mission is making disciples and planting house churches. Thankfully, your prayers and support have helped us reach and win many souls for Christ, and establish house churches in different regions of Kenya and in the republic of Tanzania.
Up-to-date, we have planted thirteen house churches, with twelve in Kenya and one in Tanzania. All these have been as a result of prayers and God’s leading.
We are praying and trusting God to help provide Bibles for the three most recently established house churches, namely, Ogembo – Kisii, Kenya – Lidha – Nyatike, Kenya and Nyamuzi -Tanzania.

We safely arrived at Kogaja and were welcomed by Pastor Melkio, the leader of the one established house church there. That evening was largely spent in prayer, with the leaders, committing the mission trip to our Lord.

The four day trip was comprised of both Tent Meetings and evangelism in the marketplace, homes and even on buses.
Many people came to our Gospel Tent Meetings. The Holy spirit gave many of them the power to understand our gospel message. Many lives were touched, changed and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our evangelism team went wherever people congregated to preach the Gospel message. Led by elder, Glack Samson, they visited a market place, and shared the gospel message with many people. Ten people opened their hearts to Jesus Christ! One of these an elderly woman gave her testimony at one of our meetings:
” Due to many bad things that happened to me I decided to abandon God and was not interested in Christianity. But after hearing the word of God I understood more about  the love of God. And how Jesus gave Himself to die on my behalf for my sins. Today, I decided to receive Jesus in my life as my personal Saviour! His Joy and strength is now in my life forever, and one day I will enter with Him in His Kingdom”. Amen

Pastor Maurice ministering to people on a bus


A new house church was established on the outskirts of Kogaja. We found some people there who confessed belief in God and Jesus but were not born again believers. They were open to us preaching the gospel message from Acts 2:38, and God opened their hearts to understand our message. They repented of their sins, believed and we’re baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. This new young house church will be under the leadership and spiritual care of pastor Melkio the existing leader of the Kogaja house church.

During the evenings and daytime we held Bible studies with the new converts to get them started in regular bible study. The outcome was largely positive but some need help to purchase Bibles.


Sadly, on the 4th day of our ministry, Elder Glack Samson started feeling unwell, and he was rushed to a nearby medical hospital, where he spent the whole of night, undergoing treatment. He was diagnosed as having fever and malaria, resulting in body pain, runny nose and headache. We thank God that after considerable prayer, he was healed. We appreciated your help to pay his medical bill.

As I have mentioned, we have held 16 mission trips, and all these  trips have been solely funded  by brother Ron.
We kindly request well wishers, friends and believers in Jesus Christ to help join hands with brother Ron in supporting the KHC movement.
Our next mission trip will be to KOKENDI  & ONG’ER house churches on September 14th-19th and we are praying and trusting God to help provide the funds.

If you would like to help financially support the KHC movement you can do by clicking on the Donation icon on the Home Page.


“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you. These things I command you, that you love one another.” John 15:16-17

The following testimony from Joseph Kazembe from Malawi shows he is a chosen one, who has obeyed God’s command to go and bear fruit. Joseph is part of a new youth ministry, yOUT that has reached over 1,400 young people already in one year! yOUT leads them to not only the best gift of all — Jesus Christ— but also helps them discover His call on each of their lives.

Pastor Jeff Daly explains: “YOUT sprung up under our repentance ministry, national day of repentance (http://www.dayofrepentance1.org). We focus on teaching Matthew 4:17 and then John 15:16 giving each young person the unique calling on their life. All Christian denominations are included:  we give each participant a banner bearing simply “JEHOVAH NISSI”
We believe this new “wine skin” is directly from Him in these end times and He started in the very impoverished nation of Malawi to show that it is from HIM alone!”

Joseph Kazembe has left a significant position and salary in a major denomination to travel, sometimes on foot, to deliver the Gospel message all throughout Malawi. Here is his most recent email.
“Today is July 31st, we are believing God for great testimonies from young people this coming month. God continues to show us the importance of this ministry. Young people need hope, just a few minutes ago l received a message from Mathew, one of our translators, that his brother killed himself this morning by suicide. Apart from that many young people are catching Covid 19 and dying. This third wave is killing many young people. Let’s pray for Mathew too in his time of trouble. I am writing to remind the team to pray for our budget for Mchisi. We have only 6 days to go and we still need to book accomodation in Chikondi ,Hamidah and Henderson. Prayer moves the hearts of people to do something l thank you all for your prayers. Printing of additional repentance route booklets is needed as many pastors needs the booklet in Mchisi.”
Joseph Kazembe

As many of you know I support the Kenya House Church Movement in Kenya and have been seeking donations to fund new Missional trips and for Bibles for the new House Churches that are being established in these new regions. Here is another request for funds this time for repentance route booklets for Malawi. If you would like to help you can use the Donations icon on the Home Page. I would also appreciate an email to ron@bakb.com.au to let me know how you would like to be involved, e.g. I connect with the KHC leaders every 3 months by Zoom. It would be good to have other supporters join the Zoom meetings.