In this picture, I was teaching the Kenya House Church leaders about Israel’s Feast Days in type and prophecy. On the TV screen and my computer screen is a diagram showing The Seven Feasts of Israel. Even though we were in a tin shed we had a generator, TV screen, and microphones. We were even able to have a Zoom Meeting with Creation Ministries International.


I am not sure what I was teaching when this picture was taken as the image on the TV screen is in whiteout mode. My interpreter Alfred is also standing


This is a small group session with selected KHC pastors outside of the tin shed in a thatched rotunda.


One thought on “MORE ON MY AFRICA TRIP

  1. It was such a great blessing to have you for a three days conference ministering to KHC leaders at Mubachi in Migori region,Kenya.
    Your visit really encouraged us and helped openned the eyes of many leaders on the end times signs of Jesus’s second coming.And Israel as achosen nation of God.


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