Why I started this blog

I am a mid life crisis Christian. What does that mean? I lived “my way” for 47 years and did very well thank you. I had a waterfront home with boatshed on Gunamatta Bay – 7 Bell Place, was MD of the largest Surgical/Medical, Dental, Scientific Supply House in Australia – The Ramsay Group (Ramsay Surgical). Married for 24 years with three boys all doing well at school or university. Who needed God?

The big questions came with a mid life crisis.  What is life all about? Is this all there is? In reality, life without God is absurd, without meaning, value or purpose.

At the time of the mid life crisis, my eldest boy was 21 and doing an honours degree at Sydney University in Geophysics. He had become a Christian at the age of 16 and was very active with his church, even holding a bible study in our rumpus room. God used Brett to reach me. Evolution had been a stumbling block for me taking the bible seriously and it was only through Creation Ministries that I came to realise that any rational thinking person who observes everything in the universe including its beauty and the fine tuning of the laws that govern it realises somebody made it. As Dr Dean Kenyon, Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University and author of two evolutionary bichemistry textbooks said after embracing intelligent design, “the discovery of DNA and the electron microscope rang the death knell of evolution”. The information on the DNA is highly complex. Information is neither matter or energy so where did it originate? It, and the design of even a simple cell with its nano machines and transport devices speaks of an intelligence we can’t comprehend.

I embraced Christianity at aged 47 and I know Christianity is true because God’s spirit lives in me and assures me it is true. Once you accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, He sends the Holy Spirit to be your comforter, cousellor and teacher. You are not on your own.

With the years I have left on this planet I would like to introduce as many people to “living eternal” as possible hence the name of this blog http://www.livingeternal.net.

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