What are your plans for 2013

If you want to be challenged about how you are living your life then I suggest you read LOVE DOES by Bob Goff. I was given the book for Christmas by my eldest son, Brett and he said as he gave it to me, “you need to read this dad”.
I finished the book yesterday.
Bob Goff doesn’t go to Bible Studies, each week he goes to Bible Doings with a bunch of guys. I like his answer for not calling it a Bible Study. “Wouldn’t it be a horrible thing if we studied the ones we love instead of bonding in deeper ways by doing things with them”.
At their Bible Doing meetings the group study God’s word. “We read what God has to say then focus all of our attention on what we are going to do about it”.
What Bob has achieved with God over his lifetime is mind boggling. Like my son said, “you need to read this”.
It was a New York Times best seller in 2012.

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