Where to and what to do from here on?

In my last blog I mentioned a prophecy I received from a Canadian pastor, Ron Sawka (Christian International Asia) who has been ministering in Japan for 25 years.

Ron prophesied over all of the Australian delegates that attended the ICCC (International Christian Chamber of Commerce) Conference in Bangkok April 2012. I am on the Board of the Australian chapter so know the Board Members well. Ron’s prophecies to all 14 delegates were “spot on” particularly those given to the Board Members. It was mind blowing that a man who knew none of us could know what he knew about each of us. It could only be GOD. The prophecy I received has proved to be life changing for me.

When Ron said, “I see an open book but the book needs to be closed. God wants to begin a new book but the old book needs to be closed first”. I had been procrastinating about handing over control of Care & Share Products to my sons even though I knew it was God’s succession plan for the company. This word touched a raw nerve but I knew in my heart what I had to do. I have now extricated myself totally from Care & Share Products www.careandshare.com.au. The rest of Ron’s prophecy was about what God wants me to do.

“God is going to use you to train up marketplace Kingdom warriors. So the Lord says you will activate and teach many, many people. Of course this may have to do with ICCC Australia right?” I believe it does have a lot to do with ICCC and their training materials particularly the series Transformed Working Life but also How to Start a (Kingdom) Business and How to Develop a Kingdom Business.

Please help me get the word around that I am available to train business people to develop Kingdom businesses with JESUS at the head (Lord of All).

I am presently producing a video which I will post on YOU TUBE and FACEBOOK to connect with people who want to start or grow a successful Kingdom business. Watch out for it.

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