A revelation received from the Lord by Lance Wallnau on the concept of micro-churches.

“A micro-church is what Daniel had in Babylon with his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah.

In Daniel 2:17, Daniel went to his house and made the dire situation known to his three friends.  If he could not interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream the king would kill Daniel and all the wise men of Babylon. Daniel encouraged them to seek mercies from the God of heaven—that the meaning of the dream would be revealed.  Later, the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. God gave him Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and a download of what was going to happen in Babylon.  As a result, Daniel was appointed by the king to rule over the province.  When Daniel was promoted, he promoted his friends.

No matter how dark our world becomes—even if it reaches the level of sin as in the days of Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar—those with the Daniel anointing will rise to lead. The Bible says that when Nebuchadnezzar had his dream, Daniel had to reach into the supernatural dream interpreting power of God.

As I reflected on this story, I said to the Lord, “So this is a vision of a house church.” The Lord said, “No, not a house church.  A house church doesn’t have a common work assignment.”

 So what are the characteristics of a micro-church?

  1. Common assignment. A micro-churchis when you come together with those who share the same calling and faith.  A house church is different. There is no common assignment in a house church other than fellowship and mutual edification.  A micro-church has a Kingdom agenda, a shared assignment that brings them together.
  2. Small in size.  I asked the Lord for another reference, and He took me to Peter’s arrest in Acts 12.  There again, when Peter gets supernaturally delivered he went to the one location that made sense—the house of Mary the mother of John.  When he arrived he discovered many gathered together in prayer for him (Acts 12:12).  It was a house filled with intercessors.  A micro-church is a praying company with a common assignment.  This is a group small enough to fit into a first century house.
  3. A company of people connected to your assignment.  Daniel’s friends all shared the assignment of Government, but Peter’s group was different. They were a company connected to the Apostolic assignmentof the twelve disciples. Therefore, even if the members do not share directly in your assignment, they may be connected to you as family and close friends. The key is that they are affected by what happens to you in the warfare of your assignment.  This group could include your spouse, your closest friends, your children. Proximity is criticalGathering together is a core principle.

Micro-church is the natural extension of any strong local or apostolic church. Not everyone has an assignment to go up against the gates of hell in the various mountains. Those who have been given this call need to be involved not only in the give and take of community life in a local church, but in a micro-church as well. You need to have a small company of people who are holding up your arms and standing with you in the assignment God gave you.  And you need to be standing with someone else in the battle they face. Until the local church establishes micro-churches in proximity to the gates of influence we are not yet an Apostolic church at the end of the age.

If this applies to you, I pray that this year you discover the power of a small committed company of like-minded warriors in your mountain.  If you are on a college campus or in the military or travelling more than 100 days a year with your business, you should answer the call of God to START your own MICRO-CHURCH! “

This resonates with my spirit and I saw it operate in the company I owned and operated for 30 years – Care & Share Products. We had a prayer group that were all involved in the enterprise that prayed at least weekly for the company and more often during a crisis.


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