The Master Sin is no individual action, or anything that comes from mood or passion: It is the non-recognition by man of the highest of all relations, that relation which is at the root and the first essential condition of every other true relation of or in the human soul. It is the absence in man of harmony with His Creator, who thought him into existence, whose word is the man’s power of thought.

It is true that, as we are His offspring, God cannot be far from any one of us; were we not in closest contact with our Creator, we could not exist: as we have in us no power to be, so we have none to continue being; but there is a closer contact still, which is absolutely necessary to our well-being and highest existence. As the highest creation of God in man is His will, until the highest in man meets the highest in God, their true relation is not yet a spiritual fact. The relation exists, but while one of the parties neither knows, loves, nor acts upon it, the relation is, as it where, yet unborn. Mans intellect, his imagination and his reason are all inferior to his will, and indeed, in a grand way, depend upon it; his will must meet God’s – a will distinct from God’s, else no harmony is possible between them. By the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, God provides in man the power to will, His will. When he is brought to that point, and declares for the truth, that is for the will of God, he becomes one with God, and the end of God in man’s creation, the end for which Jesus was born and died, is achieved. The man is saved from his sins, and the universe flowers yet again in His redemption.

new heaven and earth

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