Mind your p’s and q’s

This is the latest WORD FOR THE WEEK from the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (A Global Network of Believers in the Marketplace). This is a great organisation for Christian businessmen. Businessmen check out their website http://www.iccc.net. I am on the Board of ICCC Australia, so if your an Aussie, contact me for more information.

P’s and Q’s is an English language expression, an idiom, with the meaning ‘be very careful.’  It can be applied to what you say, to what you write, to your behaviour and so on.  Its origin goes back to when the printed word was typeset. Every letter was formed in a small steel block and the letters put together to make words – a time consuming process.  Mixing up p and q, was easily done as the typesetter saw a mirror image, and it could mean having to re-set a whole qage! (page)

In our Christian faith p and q have great importance:

P for patience – we inherit the promises of God through faith and patience. Hebrews 6:12

P for perseverance – the ability to stand and keep standing as we wait on the Lord. Romans 8:25

P for peace – it should be the decision maker in our hearts. Colossians 3:15

P for praise – an essential in our relationship with the Lord. Psalms is full of praise.

P for power – we receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. Acts 1:8

P for prayer, another vital ingredient in the Christian life.  In Greek  ‘proseuchomai’ means ‘to speak out loud’ and ‘deomai’ means ‘to make your request’.  Prayer is simple – at any time and any where.

P for presence – refreshing comes from the presence of the Lord, privately and corporately. See Acts 3:19

P for possible – things that are not possible for us are possible for the Lord. Mark 10:27

AND  P for practical.  These things listed above are part of the normal Christian life.  Each one is a vital ingredient in learning to reign in life, which is a key objective. Romans 5:17

The ‘oil’ that makes all things possible is the wonderful grace of God without which, in our human strength, we would fail miserably.  Grace is that unmerited favour which freely flows from Jesus – abounding towards us. Ephesians 1:7-14

Q for quench.  On the positive side the shield of faith quenches (extinguishes) all the fiery darts of the enemy. Ephesians 6:16

On the negative side beware Q for quenching the Holy Spirit.  ‘Do not quench the Holy Spirit.’        1 Thessalonians 5:19.  It is easily done. The still small voice of the Holy Spirit is easily ignored and easily rejected, when we think we know better, to our cost.

This is perhaps an unusual way of considering things, but what a great self check list. Check every line – how are you on your p’s and q’s?

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