According to a 2016 time study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 34% of the workforce works on the weekend. The U.S. workforce is approximately 160 million. That means over 54 million work on the weekend. That’s staggering. Moreover, this situation will be mirrored in most developed nations.

The two fastest-growing demographics working on weekends are entrepreneurs and those with more than one job. The rise of the entrepreneurial society and the gig economy virtually guarantees this weekend workforce will increase, probably substantially.

If someone works either day, Saturday or Sunday, they are not likely to attend Sunday services. For Saturday workers, Sunday becomes their day off after a tough work schedule.

The reasons for not doing weeknight services are rarely theological. If your church has Sunday-only service or services, you are missing out on reaching one of three working persons. I really don’t think most church leaders realise how huge this number is.

The weekend workforce is not a future trend; it is a staggering present reality. Some churches will adjust and seek to reach these workers. Sadly most won’t.

As most readers of my post know, I believe in the last days the persecuted church will be like that described in the Book of Acts, like it was in China during the time of Mao, like it is now in Iran and many of the other Muslim countries. As well, pastors like Francis Chan have already discovered large churches are not focused on training up disciples who are then in turn capable of training up more disciples. Small groups of people totally committed to one another as they were in the early church is the model that is capable of completing the great commission.

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