“This is the first time in American history that free speech is in jeopardy,” Dennis Prager conservative nationally syndicated talk show host says.

In my opinion, Dennis is one of the most respected and influential thinkers, writers and speakers in America.

To expose this frightening battle in the USA, Prager and comedian Adam Carolla star in a new film that’s coming out this Friday called No Safe Spaces.

The documentary-style film features several cultural experts who shed light on the assault on free speech, particularly on college campuses. No Safe Spaces reveals that assault for what it is. And it’s no wonder—universities have become increasingly liberal over the years.


Prager said, “free speech is one of the few things all Americans virtually always agreed on. And it’s almost unbelievable, but almost half of Millennials don’t believe in free speech for ‘hate speech,’ which means they don’t believe in free speech because everybody thinks the other guy has hate speech.”

Prager is doing a great job with Prager University. It is not an accredited academic institution but provides videos on a wide range of political, economic and philosophical topics from a conservative view. Go and take a look Check out Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven by Stephen Meyer.

Prager’s videos are making a difference, because the big left-wing social-media platforms are making it difficult for him to spread his content.

“We come out with a video a week,” he says. “We have over 400 of these five-minute videos. Four prime ministers of countries have given videos. Three Pulitzer-Prize winners [have given videos], and [these platforms] still put 80 of the videos on the restricted list, one with pornography. I have a talk on the Ten Commandments, and it’s lumped with pornography on YouTube.”

Why are YouTube and Google trying so hard to hide his videos? Prager said, “If it’s healthy, the left hates it. That’s the way to understand it.”

That’s why Prager believes the movie No Safe Spaces  is so important right now. It is due for release in the USA in October 2019.

“The movie is very powerful,” Prager says. “You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. But even if it weren’t good, conservatives need to support movies that express our values. But it’s a great movie. Adam Carolla alone is worth the price of admission. … It’s extremely well-done. The people who brought you Dinesh D’Souza’s movies are behind this producing, and the writing is first-class.”

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