There is arguably more about the glorious return of Jesus in our Bibles than there is about His earthly ministry from 27-30 AD. Moreover, many people are surprised to learn that the Bible is made up of roughly 27% prophecy, the large majority of which have not yet been fulfilled.

For this reason, it is not even possible to understand large portions of Scripture until we begin to seriously engage with the topics related to eschatology. If we claim to be Bible-loving believers, we should view Biblical prophecies, even if they are about still future events, as a critical part of the message God wants to communicate to us today. Even more important the second coming of Jesus is a central part of the Gospel message. It is not complete unless it includes the triumphant end of the story with Jesus ruling and reigning this earth in Jerusalem.. The more we understand Bible prophecy the more equipped we are to effectively share the Gospel with others. Good Biblical eschatology should always deepen our faith in Jesus, fortify our resolve to obey Him, and create a greater longing in our hearts for His kingdom.

2 thoughts on “JESUS SECOND COMING

  1. Dear Mr. Edwards,

    Thank you very much for writing this article.

    I have been reading Christian people writing about those 27% of Bible as being prophecies yet to come. Unfortunately that is not true and the Bible cannot be tought this way.

    My family, mostly my father and mother ministry, has been studying and teaching the Bible for more than 62 years now. We consider ourselves Bereans, searching the Scripture every single day. Actually my father around sixty years ago created a method for illiterate people in Brazil to learn how to write in read in Portuguese, using the Bible as the educational primer. This method is being used as an alphabetization tool in more than 5,000 churches in Brazil now. All Portuguese spoken countries have small teaching nucleus which use that method. Also, it has been translated to several languages.

    The entire Bible contains 31,103 verses. If we just take verses which talk about prophetic things in general, they come out to 8,352 verses or 26.85% of the Bible. Those verses are called prophetic verses and they talk about future events in general. Of all those 8,352 verses, a total of 6,312 have already been fulfilled. It means that 75.57% of those prophetic verses in the Bible have passed away already, remaining only 2,040 verses or 24.43% of those 8,352 verses yet to be fulfilled. So, from the entire Bible, there is only 6.55% of prophetic verses awaiting for God´s appointed time for their completion and they are (have to be) used to teach modern day Bible prophecy.

    Amazingly, those 2,040 verses can take some people entire life to study, teach and preach about them. It is the case of Dr. John Barton Payne, who was a professor at the Covenant Theological Seminary, and spent his whole life (57 years, short but very productive life) to only study Bible prophecy. He ended up writing these books which are fundamentals to anyone who is interested in learning more about Bible prophecy: “The Unity of Isaiah: Evidence From Chapters 36-39” (1963), “Biblical Prophecy for Today” (1978),”The Goal Of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks” (1978), “Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy” (1980), “Theology of The Older Testament” (1980), “The Expositor´s Bible Commentary” (several editions), and “The Iminent Appearance of Christ” (2011), among dozens of others about Bible Prophecy. He separated all Bible prophetic verses categorizing them about those related to Israel, Church, Anti-Christ, Christ return, etc. . All his writings can be found at the *PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri under J. Barton Payne Manuscript Collection. Collection #024 and Box #248.
    * PCA = Presbyterian Church Archieves.

    So, this man said that out of those 2,040 verses, these all come together to predict 215 facets about Christ return to the earth. Those 215 are specific predictions from God about the end of the world. All those events are now in the process of being fulfilled. Just look at the news today. Inside of those 2,040 verses (6.55% of Bible) we can find descriptions about these events which are coming: The Tribulation, The Rapture and Second Coming of Christ, The Day of God´s Wrath, The Judgment Seat of Christ, The Millenium, The Great White Throne. God warned us that these events will happen so we better be prepared for them.

    I hope these few paragraphs can help your readers.

    Be blessed,

    Eber Stevao DDS, PhD


    • Thanks Eber for the wealth of information you have provided on Biblical prophecy. I must admit I have quoted what others scholars have taught on the subject. The numbers you quote are impressive: 75.57% of those prophetic verses in the Bible have been fulfilled (passed away already) which is ample proof God’s Word is inspired and infallible., The remaining (only) 2,040 verses or 24.43% of those 8,352 verses yet to be fulfilled is still a significant number and as 75% have been fulfilled when can reasonably expect the last 25% to be fulfilled as well. Blessings, Ron


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