As a result of my previous post with the same title, I received the following information from a friend in Brazil, Dr Eber Stevao DDS, PhD. I met Eber at an International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) Conference in Israel. It contains a lot of useful information so I thought I would pass it on.

The entire Bible contains 31,103 verses. If we just take verses which talk about prophetic things in general, they come out to 8,352 verses or 26.85% of the Bible. Of all those 8,352 verses, a total of 6,312 (75.57%) have already been fulfilled. Evidence enough to prove the Bible is inspired by God and inerrant. It also means there are only 2,040 verses or 24.43% of those 8,352 verses yet to be fulfilled and we can expect they will be fulfilled exactly as prophesied. So, from the entire Bible, there are only 6.55% of prophetic verses awaiting for God´s appointed time for their completion and they need to be used to reach non believers with the Gospel of Christ and wake up a sleeping church.

For anyone interested in end times bible prophecy, Eber recommends the works of Dr. John Barton Payne. “He was a professor at the Covenant Theological Seminary, and spent his whole life (57 years, short but very productive life) to only study Bible prophecy. He ended up writing these books which are fundamentals to anyone who is interested in learning more about Bible prophecy: “The Unity of Isaiah: Evidence From Chapters 36-39” (1963), “Biblical Prophecy for Today” (1978),”The Goal Of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks” (1978), “Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy” (1980), “Theology of The Older Testament” (1980), “The Expositor´s Bible Commentary” (several editions), and “The Imminent Appearance of Christ” (2011), among dozens of others about Bible Prophecy. He separated all Bible prophetic verses categorising them about those related to Israel, Church, Anti-Christ, Christ return, etc. . All his writings can be found at the *PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri under J. Barton Payne Manuscript Collection. Collection #024 and Box #248.

Payne said that out of those 2,040 verses, these all come together to predict 215 facets about Christ return to the earth. Those 215 are specific predictions from God about the end of the world. All those events are now in the process of being fulfilled. Just look at the news today. Inside of those 2,040 verses (6.55% of Bible) we can find descriptions about these events which are coming: The Tribulation, The Rapture and Second Coming of Christ, The Day of God´s Wrath, The Judgement Seat of Christ, The Millennium, The Great White Throne. God warned us that these events will happen so we better be prepared for them.

I hope these few paragraphs can help your readers.”

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